Building Blocker

Fully prevents building in the building blocked zone. Fixes the "Devblog 158 of 4th may"

Total Downloads: 5,870 - First Release: May 4, 2017 - Last Update: Sep 29, 2017

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  1. Working Fantastic, thank you Vlad!!
  2. Thank you for this. This update is just stupid and you have allowed us to choose and we really appreciate that.
  3. works great but is there a way to disable building with twig and enable ladders
  4. Technically no, this plugin merely checks for building privilege and either allows or blocks building
  5. also in my server ... Vlad-00003 please fix this ..thanks
    [DOUBLEPOST=1493956389][/DOUBLEPOST]Anyway I found the problem .. buildingBlock is a common name for variables and objects in other plugins so a class with the same name will make a big conflict (in my case: AutoGrades, NTeleportation, RemoverTool, NoEscape) ..

    Here is a quick fix:
    -in plugin BuildingBlock.cs search and replace all words "buildingBlock" with "buildingBlockkk" ..then save it
    -rename the plugin BuildingBlock.cs with buildingBlockkk.cs
    -in console
    oxide.unload *
    oxide.load *

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  6. Thanks for this :)
  7. @Wulf Same problem.
  8. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Try the suggestion above to rename the plugin.
  9. MansurBey you can try my fix (look above your post :) )
  10. i saw your post. But i want to show the reason of errors to Wulf. Thanks for fix.
    and is there any fix for this?

    01:56 [Warning] Calling hook CanBuild resulted in a conflict between the following plugins: BuildingBlock - False (Boolean), NoEscape (True (Boolean))
  11. Thank you. :)
  12. Super thanks to the author
  13. Tried to donate a couple bucks and its says recipient is unable to receive money.
  14. Gonna give it a try this evening. If it works you'll be my new hero man!
  15. I run almost 70 plugins on my server, and have no problems running this FABULOUS PLUGIN with all my other plugins. I don't use the plugins that others were having trouble with, so. ::shrugs:: I don't know. Just putting my two cents in.
  16. Vlad-00003 updated Privilage Building Block with a new update entry:


    Yeah - i got a problems with paypal for now... Have no idea what to do - now contacting their support. =(
  17. it seems that I'm not able to build anymore in a fresh zone. I'm not even able to place a cupb
  18. The problem with the compatibility with the plugin Hammer Time for Rust, after installing it stops working Hammer Time for Rust, please correct plugin
  19. What do you think I can do about it? This plugin blocks building in the privilage area, so untill dev of the hammer time would add compatibility with my plugin there is nothing can be done from my way to fix it.
    If I would add compatibility with over plugins - it would make no sense - the original idea of this plugin is to restrict building is the area, and the over plugins allow to build anywhere exept thier own places\circumstances.

    ? that's strange. Are you sure that this is caused by my plugin only? Can you try to load only my plugin and see if it will help? If it will - you got to check over plugins.