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  1. Yes, it's the BotSpavn fighters who start shooting at me from afar, if I'm with a gun. True, I have version 1.7.5. Found here on the pages above 1.7.6. I will try. Because of the language barrier I do not see 1.7.7 Or the translator translates to Google incorrectly.
  2. Can't find it anywhere about zombies runs to you and do nothing.

    Why do zombies runs to you and follow you but do nothing.

    When you shoot at them they still do nothing.
  3. I had it too. Check what kind of weapon they have on the belt. Might have something to do with that. Might...
    I put two melee weapons on the belt and they seem to hit now. Haven't been able to check it lately tho.
  4. Yeah, I think some weapons can cause problems but, also, there are overall behavioural issues that I've fixed for V2.
    I did make some changes in for 1.7.7; Not 100% sure if they fix that or not^

    1.7.8 is at uMod. See ya over there.
  5. There is an issue I have if the bots are set as murderers, and if a player unarm goes near one of the outposts and a murderer starting attaching the player, it would automatically consider the player as hostile and kill only the player, not the murderers.
  6. How do you stop the Bots from attacking wild Animals & only attack Human players?
  7. I got a problem

    Error while compiling: BotSpawn.cs(1786,29): error CS1061: Type `NPCPlayerApex' does not contain a definition for `utilityAiComponent' and no extension method `utilityAiComponent' of type `NPCPlayerApex' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?
  8. @Steenamaroo - love your BotSpawn mod, but having trouble with the Bandit Camp / Scientist Compound. Everything works fine, until a bot is aggro on a player. When that happens, the compounds PeaceKeeper mode finds that player hostile and kills you. Any fix for that?

    (For clarity, you stand right next to the NPCs at the compound with no trouble, then a bot see's you and starts to charge at you, triggering the compound to find you hostile. There is no combat/weapons/melee or otherwise hostile action taking place... just the mere fact that the bot see's the player and starts to run at them.) Thanks in advance for your help!

    I prefer to leave PeaceKeeper mode off on the bots. I want them super aggressive. But I want the Bandits/Scientists to kill them without killing the Players also. (Unless the player violates the inborne peacekeeper rules of those compounds, obviously.)

    [editted for clarity]
  9. any issues working on the HapisIsland map; i get this message in my logs
    Error while compiling: BotSpawn.cs(1769,29): error CS1061: Type `NPCPlayerApex' does not contain a definition for `utilityAiComponent' and no extension method `utilityAiComponent' of type `NPCPlayerApex' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?
  10. Quick question. Bot Accuracy 1-10. Is the accuracy better the lower or higher the number? Just I have mine set as 4 & they just wipe me out from distance long before I even spot them.
  11. 10 is best.
    Accuracy is also halved for every hundred meters beyond 100 meters, on a gradual scale.
    For animal targeting, there's a config option for that.

    Also, the plugin (and support) has moved over to uMod

    For the guys having "Error while compiling", that's got to be something at your end.
    Make sure Rust, oxide, and BotSpawn are both up to date, please.

    BotSpawn had moved here.
  12. hello i have a question: the plugin works fine but i can't get any bots to spawn at the streets / lootplaces at the streets

    how do i do that?

    thanks for your help!
  13. BotSpawn has moved here.

    While I'm here... :p
    There's no provision for junkpiles or roads or anything like.
    Just the default main monuments, and custom user-locations.

    The next version will allow you to customise Rust's junkpile guys, as well as the bandit/compound/tunnel/ch47 bots,
    but I'm not sure when that'll be released.