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  1. getting this now .....Calling hook OnNpcPlayerTarget resulted in a conflict between the following plugins: ZombieHorde - False (Boolean), BotSpawn (True (Boolean))
  2. Since the newest updates I've been seeing a lot of messages in the console:

    Failed to run a 2.00 timer in 'BotSpawn v1.7.6' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object)
      at Oxide.Plugins.BotSpawn.ChangeWeapon (NPCPlayer npcPlayer, HeldEntity held, System.UInt32 UID) [0x00034] in <82517fbacb044e8a834a230694b18a26>:0
      at Oxide.Plugins.BotSpawn.SelectWeapon (NPCPlayerApex npcPlayer) [0x002d6] in <82517fbacb044e8a834a230694b18a26>:0
      at Oxide.Plugins.BotSpawn+<sortWeapons>c__AnonStorey3.<>m__0 () [0x00000] in <82517fbacb044e8a834a230694b18a26>:0
      at Oxide.Core.Libraries.Timer+TimerInstance.FireCallback () [0x00018] in <4452f821def6406d834e4149849fe7ea>:0 

    Any clues on how to fix this?
  3. What's the fix?
  4. Newest is 1.7.7 here.
    Sorry, 'Post Update' button ain't there any more. See you at umod. :p
  5. Anyone else’s military tunnel scientists invincible? I’m only able to kill them with ingame rockets from heli or magic wand. Players bullets do nothing
    (Default rust scientists, not botspawn)
  6. Please tell me why in the configuration file BotSpawn.json there are no such parameters: Long_Attack_Distance and Respawn_Time. Where and in what file they can be configured?
  7. Hi,
    Long_Attack_Distance was removed a while ago as it's no longer needed. I must have forgotten to remove it from the overview.
    Sci_Aggro_Range is maybe what you're looking for?

    Respawn_Timer should be there, though.
    It wont be listed for the 'Airdrop' profile, as that profile doesn't respawn.

    These aren't global options, so whether they're in /data or /config BotSpawn.json depends on whether you're editing a default monument or a custom profile that you made.
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  8. If it has nothing to do with the botspawn NPC's Steenamaroo cannot help you with that. Unload the Botspawn plugin and check if they are still invincible, if they are, botspawn has nothing to do with it.
  9. As far as I know, bots kill players after a knockout. Is there a way to prevent that? So the player can be revived by others.
  10. Yes, I think that could be done.
  11. It is clear, many thanks! Really started looking in the profile of Airdrop. The Sci_Aggro_Range and Sci_DeAggro_Range options are set to 30 & 40 by default. But the bots are still aggressive from a greater distance. I do not see them yet, and they are already shooting at me. The truth is without damage, as far away. The plug-in for displaying the damage is installed. Bots from me are still far away, and the loss is already on me: 0. Therefore, I began to look for these parameters, so that at least the bots were reborn not so often after the murder. Here is my config:

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  12. Hi,
    Is anyone else having an issue where the murderers run right up to you but don't try to attack? They are on peacekeeper but even if you have guns out, and even if you shoot them, they still just stand there staring at you.
  13. V1.7.7, @Andy636 ?
    Is it definitely BotSpawn guys who are attacking from long distances?
    Aggro range is working fine for me here, but a lot has changed in the version I'm running.
  14. Hi Steenamaroo,
    V1.7.5 is the latest version I can see. I had to reinstall my server (some files got corrupted during an update) and installed the plugin again a few days ago (i was using V1.7.3, which was working fine). I only noticed when i went afk and came back to see them staring at me. I have taken them off peacekeeper and I'll test that out when i get home from work. It's not a big deal for me i was just wondering if i had set something up wrong.
    Can i just say thank you for taking the time and effort on the plugin. Great job! :)
  15. The proper update option is not available to me right now, I guess due to the site migration, but there's a 1.7.7 linked farther up this page.
  16. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    You can update on the new site now. Working on the readmes/docs, but updates are available for you there.
  17. Ah, nice. Thanks for the update, Wulf.
  18. New site? I assume that is why UpdateCheker is acting up?
    Whats the link of the new site?
  19. Wulf

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    Please see the latest announcements here.
  20. Thanks a lot mate :)
    Can't believe i missed that. *slaps head*