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  1. every time I change the data folder for botspawn the plugin just goes corrupt and the only way to fix it is to delete the data folder an reload the plugin,
    with that said I cannot change the data file I don't know have I done something Wrong
  2. Kit ["namehere"]
  3. double check my screenshot it a link BTW
  4. I looked at the screen shot and posted a correction.
    Your kit name formatting is wrong.
  5. Any eta on possible fixes, is this related to the new NPC Hooks ( OnNpcDestinationSet ) ?
    I would really love to avoid reverting back to a 1.6 version =-) but have no choice soon as the changes from 1.6 to 1.7 are quite large. Any help appreciated, until then I'm happy to keep looking through the latest version for the cause.
  6. I'm afraid you won't find it.

    Not a BotSpawn exclusive issue.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1533334481][/DOUBLEPOST]I've seen the same result on at least three other servers now using different plugins, or no NPC plugins at all (console spawned).
    Interested to see if anyone gets it with regular server population bots only...
  7. Yeah that's a good point. I also tested 1.6 version and had the same issue now so yeah you're right. I'm just hoping its an oxide issue at this point and not related to Facepunch so that there is a chance it gets fixed >.> I would even be happy if there was a way for me to suppress it for the time being but that doesn't really seem doable.
  8. Do you know if it happens with Murderers? I've been tied up with other things tonight.
  9. I haven't found an exact method for replicating the issue so I can't be 100% certain. But that being said using control groups of 100, I've yet to replicate the error with murderers and have gotten in within moments using regular scientists.

    Edit - I've recorded the error from both groups now. The frequency at which a group of murderers would proc the error is significantly lower though. This leads me to believe the issue has to be related to targeting
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  10. Thanks @Pois0n
    I'll see if I can replicate on vanilla tomorrow, and take it from there.
  11. @Steenamaroo
    I've disabled my NPCs plugins and spawned murderers and scientists through console and it still happens.
    It happens with murderers and scientists, both are based on NPCPlayerApex. If I'm not mistaken a null ref is being passed to the AIcomunication callback. Any chance to disable communication between NPCs? Maybe that could temp fix it.
  12. Most likely, but if it's an issue on vanilla it'd be better to find out and report.
    I'll be looking at it tomorrow.
  13. I've temp disabled communication between NPCs, for now I'm not getting the null ref error, lets see how long till it reappears.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1533340521][/DOUBLEPOST]botapex.CommunicationRadius = 0f; //botapex holds the ref to your NPCPlayerApex
  14. Good job
  15. So far so good, no more null ref and NPCs seems to behave normally. They will probably coordinate less but who cares? xD
  16. Thanks Tato!
  17. How do we go about doing this?
  18. Anywhere in your scripts where you spawn NPCs get their NPCPlayerApex instance and set CommunicationRadius to zero. I don't know exactly in BotSpawn cause I don't use that script. Steenmarco will be ablet to make the change for ya.
  19. Nice work!
    You could slide it in straight after 'botapex.Spawn', I think.