Block Remover

Allows admins to count and remove building blocks outside of cupboard range

Total Downloads: 2,269 - First Release: Apr 3, 2015 - Last Update: Apr 20, 2018

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  1. Nogrod updated Twig Remover with a new update entry:


  2. New version works really well! Thanks Nogrod!
  3. Ty for updated the plugin it works perfect!!
  4. Is working?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1460853676][/DOUBLEPOST]It works, but there is a lots of blocks outside the cupboard radius not being destroyed/counted
  5. I think it isnt removing anything
  6. works fine, but the plugin uses a cupboard range of 60, the game seems to have changed to 30
  7. I did realize that, and I tryed to change the radius on your plugin but I can't.
    const float cupboardDistance = 60f;
    Should I change 60f to 30f?
  8. yes that would work
  9. Hi
    Good plugin. I like this.
    I noticed that the plugin does not remove ability to make some designs that do not fall into CupboardRadius
    not deleted:
    barbed wooden barricade
    concrete barricade
    Large Water Catcher
    Metal Barricade
    Sandbag barricade
    Small Water cather
    Stone barricade
    Wooden barricade
  10. To update the plugin
    very interesting and promising plugin
  11. Is it normal that it removes high stone walls ?
  12. Please update
    support plugin zone manager
    object in zone
    no remove
    /zone radius 50 undestr true nobuild true nodeploy true nocorpse true notp true noremove true nokits true

    Please add the possibility of deleting all objects
    configured to provide an object
    automatically check the time

    Object Remover for Rust
  13. New updates :s

    21:48 [Error] Error while compiling BlockRemover.cs(128,97): error CS1061: Type `BaseNetworkable.EntityRealm' does not contain a definition for `entityList' and no extension method `entityList' of type `BaseNetworkable.EntityRealm' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?
  14. Nogrod updated Block Remover with a new update entry:



  15. Thanks
  16. @Nogrod is there ZoneManager support? Cause I dont use cupboards in zones - instead I use flags nobuild nodeploy, so before I start using this I want to know if zones wil lstay cause, well I dont want to loose my arenas, my village and quest vendors :) If its not could you add support for it? I am for sure that many people will be interested in this support :)
  17. 21:48 error [error] while compiling BlockRemover.ZS(128,97): error CS1061: Type BaseNetworkable`.EntityRealm' does not contain a definition for `entityList' and not extension method `entityList type BaseNetworkable`.EntityRealm' can be found. Are you missing an Assembly reference?

    Developer tveit what code was changed, update how to update an old plugin
  18. FTM


    I love this plugin. thanks!
  19. Sounds like you were having the same problem as I am, Multiplay hasn't updated this plugin since v0.2.0.