Block Remover

Allows admins to count and remove building blocks outside of cupboard range

Total Downloads: 2,269 - First Release: Apr 3, 2015 - Last Update: Apr 20, 2018

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  1. be careful guys since last update twigs stones and woods remover are removing things within tool cupboard range as well
  2. it does remove but it removs everything including inside range
  3. Try this.

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  4. PaiN, wood and stones remover don't have same problem? Don't want try and fuck all entities x)
  5. I will fix them tomorrow.
  6. fixed yet?
  7. was the stone and wood remover ever fixed i only ever saw fix out for twig
  8. is this plugin working fine? I dont want to remove my players house :D
  9. Anyway this is updated with the twigs and stone bases?

    When i use this it deletes all bases and stuff lmao.

    thanks everyone
  10. Code:
    [Oxide] 7:43 AM [Info] [Twig Remover] [Twig Remover] Finding all tool cupboards ...
    [Oxide] 7:43 AM [Info] [Twig Remover] [Twig Remover] Finding 0 tool cupboards took 0.616 seconds
    [Oxide] 7:43 AM [Info] [Twig Remover] [TwigRemover] Finding all twig blocks ...
    [Oxide] 7:43 AM [Info] [Twig Remover] [TwigRemover] Finding 5777 twig blocks took 0.571 seconds
    [Oxide] 7:43 AM [Info] [Twig Remover] [TwigRemover] Checking 5777 twig blocks against 0 tool cupboards ...
    [Oxide] 7:43 AM [Info] [Twig Remover] [TwigRemover] Finding 5777 cupboardless twig blocks took 0.003 seconds
    Very good work
  11. It removed all inside cupboards
  12. So does this still work ok? PaiN's attachment I mean.
  13. Still working?
  14. can someone update this please its removing all twig not just outside cupboard range
  15. Would be awesome if anyone could get this working :) It currently just removes all twigs.
  16. Please update! I love this plugin. I works, but removes twigs inside cupboard range.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1453739421,1453565326][/DOUBLEPOST][Oxide] 8:29 AM [Warning] CallHook 'cmdCountTwigs' on plugin 'TwigRemover v0.2.0' took: 1039ms
  17. updated & extended to support grade via parameter (block.count twigs | block.remove twigs)

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  18. Hello please can someone help me make this remove also stone out side of ranges or just normal wood? Thanks
    [DOUBLEPOST=1454430422][/DOUBLEPOST]Never mind im stupid :)
  19. how to i remove high quality metal?
  20. Still working?