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Block Remover

Allows admins to count and remove building blocks outside of cupboard range

Total Downloads: 2,195 - First Release: Apr 3, 2015 - Last Update: Apr 20, 2018

5/5, 10 likes
  1. Well I hope this skilled person appears one day as these barricades and floor spikes are all over the place lol :)

    knock knock Mr skilled person are you out there??
  2. please improve this plugin!
  3. @PaiN Have you got one that removes wood and stone barricades?
  4. Check the first page :) of this thread
  5. hahaha!! im so sorry man! I didnt scroll up and even see it. Nice work pain!
  6. Thank you :)
  7. Mr Pain, can you do one for spikes barricades etc?
  8. Check the first page of this thread
  9. Still no luck getting spikes barricades :(
  10. I have been working on getting barricades to work. No successful yet though.
    I'm taking reference from TwigDecay as this plugin calls on ladders/barricades.
  11. Great :) Well good luck I'll be keeping my eye on this topic. Atm Im flying around removing spammed spikes and barricades so its a pain.
  12. Hello! How i can setup not only twigs removing? I whant to have command to remove all grade buildings))
  13. check the first page for my edited Removers (Wood and Stone)
  14. PaiN thks a lot! But How i can edit main plugin to setup all funcion (wood.remove, stone.remove etc) in one plugin, and one comand (ex/ server.clean) / Sorry my English :))
  15. Dont try to edit this plugin :p its in C# i dont know C# but i can understand the language
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  16. I edit it one day ago) But i have the same result as your. I have 4 other plugins like stone.remove , wood.remove etc )) But it will be cppl to have one plugin ^))
  17. Plugin isn't working like it used to. Still getting most of the buildings but leaving loads behind. I tested it today and its like it only removing buildings that have never had a tool cupboard.
  18. Anyway to do this with wooden barricades?