A complete re-implementation of the drop system

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  1. What is your LootTable configuration set to?

  2. { "ItemListBarrels": { "apple": 4, "black.raspberries": 4, "bleac - <--- LootTable

    I don't know how to make it so scrap and components show up in half the slots and the other items show up in other half so I copied and pasted the top part 5 times to balance. Do you know how to set how rare an item is to show up in barrels also? I'm trying to go for a LootTable sort of like the Rusty ( servers but with my own taste and tweaks.
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  3. So I got the blueprint spawning but the problem is its referring to the Loot table.json file can I simply create it so just the blueprint part off my code points towards the other custom blueprint.json I have created or have I got to follow the same rules as the Loot tabe?

  4. All the crates, bradley crates, supply and all normal crates their loottables changed to default (without plugin). I changed something on the normal crates loottable and changed that back to the old config file that worked fine. Nothing worked and then i checked supplys and bradley. And they were also changed without changing the config. Do more people have this problem? I will add my files. Bradley: removed things like thompson , they were in the crate. I removed all the bear traps and clothing out of the supply drop. It was working really good for 2 weeks since my server started.

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  5. fixed it! reinstalled the plugin and made every plugin again!
  6. @FuJiCuRa would it be possible for you to add the files everyone would appreciate it I'm sorry but I'm not the greatest with files but i love your plugin but my server is dead because i cant figure out the loot
  7. its not dev his work he gives you a free plugin and you just need set it up and it’s your work as a admin of a server.
    read the full overview and it’s easy to set up the loottable. in german we call this „bequemlichkeit“ ;)