A complete re-implementation of the drop system

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  1. Managed to get this edited cs file work with Elite Creates :)
  2. Hey Guys, im pretty new to this, please just a bit of help ive edited my better loottable.json file to exclude all the crap like minnows candycanes and stuff , ive dont the reload of loot and it is still spawning these items in the crates and barrels. Is there a step im missing? tia
  3. o.reload BetterLoot to pick up the config change?
  4. You might just have an error in the code. Copy and paste it into this .json verification thing and it will tell you where the error is.
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to get modified loot running on my server.. I am using BetterLoot currently, and it seems to work pretty well..

    I'm having problems adding different types of crates though. I've tried adding in Elite crates, and I've followed the step by step guide that's on there.. But I've had 10+ attempts and I still can't get it right.

    Wondering if anyone has a config for betterloot already with other crates in it?

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  5. Is there a guide or something i can read on how to add/edit loot to the elite crates??

  6. >> BetterLoot <<
  7. 0_0 that is a little beyond mt coding skills why is this not just a part of the plugin? :(
  8. Ive had conversations with higherups.... Fuji is still maintaining the plugin (yet nothing has been done for the last 5 months) and he doesn't know who I am..... yet he refers to my coding on this forum and doesn't want to pass the torch.... oh and what i have added are just minor changes that can easily be added (but he hasn't in the last year). I understand that he has AlphaLoot and by not updating the code for betterloot he himself controls his competition.

    I get it..... So because this forum has referrals to how to add other crates message me and i will share my code, it is there "for you to understand how to add further crates to betterloot" This is the code which Legbend refers too in earlier posts as he was my tester while I developed it. Feel free to study it, share it, what ever.

    but please don't use this as a completed working code as I will not be adding crates that are further developed and for some stupid reason variations between crate types e.g. medical, food, normal don't work they all have what ever is in the default crate loot table.
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  9. Wulf

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    This isn't a release thread, please do not post random plugins or versions of them in it. If you have a version you'd like to share privately, that's fine, but releases must go through the moderation process and must follow the submission guidelines.

    If there is an issue with the plugin and the plugin truly is not working because of it, feel free to let us know and we'll address it as such, otherwise it isn't considered unmaintained just because a few features aren't added on demand.
  10. as i said wulf its just for reference for the above reasons... im not peddling the plugin.....and i said its not completed or being updated.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1534442937][/DOUBLEPOST]if you wish i'll just post the 2284 lines of code on here.
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    It'd still be considered a random version/fork and is a full plugin, so would need to follow the forum rules and guidelines. If there's a modification to the code you'd like to share as a "reference", it can be done as a snippet for the specific part, not the entire plugin.
  12. Come on now wulf, you too can see how pathetic this is. Fuji is not maintaining it, he's just controlling the competition. People have asked for help and he hasn't bothered.... but he just pointed other users to MY coding..... when does "on demand" become "Not Maintaining". You yourself said he says he maintaining but as you see he has done nothing for 5 months!!!! Yet to state my changes are minor changes that can be easily added....easily add them then..... its been over a year of people asking and his responce is pointing to MY code... in a nutshell he's saying "do it yourself" thats not maintaining thats holding.
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    Regardless of if he's adding new features of not, if the plugin still works and fixes are being made then it's being maintained. As I mentioned to you in PM, there's nothing stopping a user from submitting a completely rewritten plugin (not a fork with copied/slightly modified portions). It's up to Fuji how he wants to differentiate this plugin and his other plugin though as he sees fit as he is the maintainer of this and picked up maintaining it when nobody else wanted to. So whether or not he is "controlling the competition" based on having what is essentially a "lite" version of his other plugin, that's not really a concern, as like I said... other plugins can be submitted as long as they are original works, not forks or just copied code.

    If there are actual fixes that need to be made, then I'll give him some time to update before considering the plugin as unmaintained. If it becomes unmaintained, then the plugin can be picked up by another developer to continue.
  14. I tell you what.... lets keep everyone happy..... No public sharing...... No breach of guidlines....

    I have done the code for my personal server.....which I no longer run....or Play Rust.....because TBH I can't be bothered..... Im a father of 5 without spare time on my hands.... If you want a copy of the code to use to figure out how to add additional crates etc for yourself as Fuji points out using MY code... feel free to message me and I will show you the way.
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    Thanks for sticking to the community rules, though I would suggest a cooldown. ;)
  16. ciggy smoked, can of monster opened, kids sent to bed....... I'll pm you on umod....
  17. Anyone have any luck changing the contents/scrap amounts for the underwater crates? I edited both "crate_underwater_advanced" and "crate_underwater_basic" in the .json and its still dropping the default scrap. Maybe these loot containers are named something else?
  18. is it possible to just x2 the default rust loot config?
  19. Ok so I'm really close to having the plugin work the way I want to the only thing I can't get my head around is the blueprint spawning into the world. I've got to the point where it spawns in the supplycreate somehow....but I want to remove it spawning in there and just use the default table.