A complete re-implementation of the drop system

Total Downloads: 42,529 - First Release: Feb 26, 2015 - Last Update: Mar 20, 2018

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  1. I'm sure that simple mind of yours can do it yourself :) we're not your slaves its your server its your project so its your problem, atleast that seems about right ;)

  2. never implied you guys as slaves and you can kinda speak for yourselves as 4 nice people have offered to help on different plugins I had a hard time on, i would say keep you comments to you self but thats kinda what this thread is for
  3. Guys How i set Elite Crate/military crate/ tool crate ?
    Coz i get in what i write up,like in elite crate i recive the same items like in normal crate!

    please Help me ! my srv its x3 btw :D
  4. u need change something in the plugin to have seperate loot table for crate and elite crate some examples are here in this thread just read some page before one of them are here BetterLoot
  5. anyone can upload a good BetterLoot.cs With elite crate and mil please!
  6. After this month update, using BetterLoot plugin is creating a cyclical redundancy rebooting my server everytime it's loaded.
    I tried to remove it, the server loads properly, I tried to add it once the server started and it crashes it after compilation.
  7. I really doubt that...There's not any function inside which would cause such thing.
  8. It was crashing OnServerInit, my server only started once I removed the .cs from the plugin folder
  9. Does anyone know how to modify the loot in just oil barrels? Or codedlockedcrate?
  10. How does this mod work with the new puzzle game?
    The key cards should only spawn in the puzzle game's loot boxes, but no where else. How is it possible to configure it?

    I guess, if I put the keycards into the blacklist, it wont spawn for the puzzle games either, right?
  11. Does BetterLoot affect the loot of weapon and medical crates also?
    Because I have food and useless stuff in the weapon crates and I dont want them to be there, because in ~10 weapon crates war nearly one weapon.
  12. why is it that the barrels in monuments are just straight vanilla but the ones outside of the monuments are not vanilla.
  13. so in the LootTable.json it has ItemListBarrels and ItemListCrates, does the ItemListCrates section apply to all kinds of crates, ie.(military crate, normal crate, food crate, medical crate, toolbox, and small wooden crate) if so could we have an update so that the LootTable.json is able to edit the LootTable for all the specific crates rather than a general list for all of them.

    Please answer the question as well, this is a suggestion if the answer to my question is yes
  14. I need help, I am trying to edit numbers and what spawns in barrels and crates etc. but the server owner says that all .json documents aren't there except the BetterLoot.json Do I need to make these said documents or is it something else ?
  15. For some reason the loot is identical inside the regular boxes and med boxes and also military crates. The elite crates are fine but all the other boxes and crates are identical. Also the food boxes contain nothing instead of a little food.
  16. i add elite crate to the plugin and its doesnt work

    any good site to find errors ? or anyone can help me ?
  17. Is there a command to forcefully refresh all the loot containers on the map? (Currently trying to test out changes)
  18. what do i type to get salvage shelves back in the crates or barrels

    Fixed it
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  19. Its spawning crapton of stupp wich is not on loottable ?
  20. Can I edit military / elite / medical crates with this plugin now? Or do I still need to purchase the Alpha Loot plugin?