Blocks raiding of new players

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  1. No, i don't mean raiding, i mean damaging other peoples. To prevent noobs from the so-called "KOS" (killing on sight). So noobs (configurable timer) cant be KILLED (and it sends a message to both players). But if someone is damaging someone, the status of "noob" gets removed
  2. I'm pretty sure this plugin is exactly used for that StartProtection
  3. any interest in adding clan support? like if clan raids then protection is removed from entire clan. if no, that's ok. just wondered

    another suggestion was maybe a chat command players can use to /removenoob on self.
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  4. So /removenoob would allow player to remove his noob status?

    As for clan support, that one is a bit hard because I've never used it's API and it is quite unusual from what I've used so far, I'll take a look at it when I implement the building ownership checking
  5. yeah. i've had some players who aren't really noobs want to remove their status. would make it so admin wouldn't be required to be on.

    though this plugin helps, it has been the source of some drama on my server. mostly due to raid buildings and stuff built by the "noob" people while their other clan members fire the rockets. i'm not sure this has been intentionally done by them, but the end result is the same.. upset defenders. pairing it up with building ownership would make sense.
  6. Well... If you notice that you could just remove the noob status of that player... I don't see a way of detecting (and preventing) this exploit until I figure out the clans thing... But it could still be exploitable by just leaving the clan...
  7. "Time inside which new players are protected": 10800,

    Is this based on playtime or time since first join
  8. It's based on connected time
  9. Please make sure that the time was coming when the player is offline too.... can use some avtokomanda supposedly to add a person included in the game group defense on 2H...
  10. When "Show time until raidable" is enabled, it says "33 minutes", players got back after 1 hour, but still had the same message. I guess since the time is based on "Connection time", it will only countdown once the player is online. Is this true? I disabled the 33 minutes now, but it would be nice to have some more info on this :) Players are confused

    Maybe a config option to remove player from Anti Noob status when they disconnect instead of days if this is the case
  11. Yes it is based on connection time

    Not sure if I understood exactly, you mean remove their noob status immediately when they disconnect?
  12. Is it possible to turn the base protection of ‎within a clan? So the clan have protection from other players, but not between the clan members?

    I had this problem on my server, the clan mates couldn´t get out of their own house because of the protection, when another clan mate builded it.

    Is there an option to turn this off? And if not, is it possible to add this?

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  13. In which way exactly was he trying to leave the base? The plugin doesn't block opening/closing doors
  14. The base was build without Doors. So the clan mates have to remove walls from time to time to get out. In this case the whole room was build by his friend and he couldn´t get out.

    So is it possible to implement somthing like shared ownership in our plugin? The Friend API and Rust IO clan plugin do this the same way. A support to that plugins would handle this, in that case. Would be great if you can do this. :D

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  15. The problem is that clanmates who build a base together can only remove their own buildingparts. Thats a problem if the other clanmate is not online. Are you therer? Or are you already on the problem? :D

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  16. I'm working on it ;)
  17. Slydelix updated AntiNoobRaid with a new update entry:


  18. Nice you are awesome. Thank you for your hard work. :)
  19. Like this update, although I had to disable the plugin again.

    (22:40:11) | Calling 'OnEntityTakeDamage' on 'AntiNoobRaid v1.7.0' took average 8783ms
    (22:40:21) | Calling 'OnEntityTakeDamage' on 'AntiNoobRaid v1.7.0' took average 7406ms
    (22:40:51) | Calling 'OnEntityTakeDamage' on 'AntiNoobRaid v1.7.0' took average 6759ms
    (22:41:01) | Calling 'OnEntityTakeDamage' on 'AntiNoobRaid v1.7.0' took average 9053ms
  20. Same issue here.. I'm not sure if this was due to my players using incendiary or something else.