Blocks raiding of new players

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  1. Parts (building blocks) that are built by player who has 1000 hours won't be protected and and parts built by other player will be
  2. Hey guys just wondering every time i tey to use this plugin ot tells me play time tracker is not installed any idea what it might be?
  3. Well, do you have the Playtime Tracker installed?
  4. i do yes
    [DOUBLEPOST=1516062017][/DOUBLEPOST]this is the error i get
    [AntiNoobRaid] Playtime Tracker is not installed!
    [AntiNoobRaid] Failed to find playtime info for player with steamID 76561198348540689
    [AntiNoobRaid] Playtime Tracker is not installed!
  5. hello, i have little problem with that plugin.
    Whe he dont compiling ?

    (01:25:09) | Error while compiling: AntiNoobRaid.cs(316,247): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `end-of-file'
  6. Wulf

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    That means that your copy of the plugin was either modified or uploaded wrongly. Download again and make sure however you are transferring it to your server isn't changing the encoding and such.
  7. Hi! What if one player will build house, give pass ti anoter player, go offline, and another player settle in this house. It will be protected anyway?
  8. Yes, it checks who is the owner of the base, if you notice this you can use EntityOwner to change the ownership of the base
  9. [AntiNoobRaid] No owner found for entity (-817.5, 46.0, -57.7) report this on Oxidemod!

    What can i do to fix this ?
  10. Another Question if someone any new person connects does it auto put them so they cant raid or be raided or does the steam total played hours affect this. I want every person when they connect to not be able to be raided for 5 hours and after that it goes away?
  11. Well, the building part someone tried to raid is not owned by anyone, this usually happens rarely but you should be ok, what you can do is teleport to that position and check if the entity still exists and if its part of someones base... If yes you can change it's ownership with EntityOwner

    You have to set steam checking to "false" in the config file.
  12. Is there a way to set players with over 5 hours on your server to have this anti Raid on them ?
  13. Slydelix updated AntiNoobRaid with a new update entry:


    Yes in newest version
  14. antinoob.addnoob does not work
  15. What did you type? Did you use the steamID of the player? Did you get any console output?
  16. antinoob.addnoob 'steamID of the player', i didn't get any console output
  17. Are you typing it in client console (F1)? It works only for server console for now... For me it works normally...
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  18. Sorry if i said that weird i was very tired lastnight I was wandering if there was a way for a player to be added to this group, If he has under 5 hours of in server time so hes protected for 5 hours no matter how many ingame steam hours he has ?
  19. You could make the player protected by typing antinoob.addnoob <steamID of the player> which will make the player protected and then after 5 hours antinoob.removenoob <steamID> There's no way currently to do that... Seems a bit complicated...
  20. Well idk much about coding, but couldn't u just set it to detect if the player has 5 or less or more hours on the server and if he/she has more 6+ they wont be added to the antinoob but if they have less 0-4 they are added to it and taken off after 5 hours, I thought the Anti Noob was detected through the Playtime Plugin ?