Blocks raiding of new players

Total Downloads: 1,517 - First Release: Dec 4, 2017 - Last Update: Jun 23, 2018

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  1. Thats how it works currency... If the player has less time spent on server than set in config he won't be raidable... After he spends 5 hours on servers (like in your example) he will be raidable
  2. oooo ok i was confused on how that worked lol thanks !!! sorry I keep bothering you :p
  3. antinoob.addnoob 'steamID of the player' for server console does not work
  4. the plugin doesn't destroy the tip UI. it persists even when the plugin is disabled.
    to duplicate it:
    enable the tips.
    get tip on your screen.
    disable tips or even the plugin and it'll stay. player chat is covered by it as well.

    to workaround:
    disable it
    have the player re-log

    to fix:
    plugin needs to destroy the ui element. maybe gametip.hidegametip or something on unload. maybe allow player to dismiss it with command.
    fyi there is gametipapi plugin which might be good option for handling tip as well.

  5. Slydelix updated AntiNoobRaid with a new update entry:


  6. Wow. I've posted a ton on here and I think that's the fastest I've ever seen something updated. Kudos
  7. Lol, as for gametip api plugin, I'll probably add that sooner or later
  8. suggestion
    people can still raid noobs with explosive 5.56 ammo. if it helps i wouldn't even refund.
  9. Slydelix updated AntiNoobRaid with a new update entry:


    Sorry for late response :D
    That's fixed
  10. 3 hours is not a late response hahaha
    i'll test it out soon! thanks!
  11. It doesn't refund rockets if a player attempts to raid

    EDIT: Remember to use >/refunditem add<
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  12. PMd you
  13. Fixed thank you so much buddy! This plugin awesome! Works really good!
  14. Im getting this alot:
    | Calling hook OnEntityTakeDamage resulted in a conflict between the following plugins: AntiNoobRaid - True (Boolean), TruePVE (False (Boolean))
  15. Well it's just a warning, I'll probably patch it around so it doesn't show in next major update
  16. looks that way.. TruePVE the problem here it seems... (00:10:38) | Calling hook OnEntityTakeDamage resulted in a conflict between the following plugins: SleeperAnimalProtection - True (Boolean), TruePVE (False (Boolean))
  17. Slydelix updated AntiNoobRaid with a new update entry:


  18. Is it an idea to build a damage to player option in as well?
    Noobs (just on the server) can't get damaged by people longer on the server but if they damage someone else, they can be damaged themselves, etc. Maybe with a config option for minutes after first join or something
  19. Not sure I understood, you want to prevent noobs from raiding? If so there's an option for that in config file called "Prevent new players from raiding"
  20. can we get some clan/friends integration? like if your clan member uses explosive then you lose noob protection.
    on our server this plugin is good for helping the noobs get acclimated to the server, but needs a few mechanics to avoid abuse.. like indestructible raid towers. had an incident last night where this was an issue.