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  1. XDefaultX

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    Looking for a dev who would possibly be interested in making a reputation plugin for a regular server. Has a auto changing tag for lower reputation, and a GUI or a chat based leaderboard. Goes up for killing someone with negative rep, and goes down for killing someone with no, or positive rep.
  2. Ryan

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    I'm working on something similar to this, YOU HERE ME OTHER DEVS? FUCK OFF! ;) <3
  3. XDefaultX

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    Let me know when it's finished <3
  4. Togoshige

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    Humanity System ----> Humanity System for Rust | Oxide

    Basic premise works, but it has flaws and original developer DylanSMR has made it lower priority to update it,
    theres still a console spam bug from April not fixed,
    friends/clans can abuse the system to buff their reputation to a good guy when really they're a bad guy,
    friendly players lose reputation from defending themselves

    Curious what youre up to Ryan
  5. Ryan

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    Oh you will see, I will continue work on it sometime soon.
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