1. It's in super alpha state, but I have released the first version (v0.0.1) of PoundBot. It is not user friendly (yet). Requires yo know what you're doing, and nothing can be disabled yet. But I thought I would release it and see if people would like it and if I should try developing it for more people. Here's what it does:

    Bi-directional discord -> server chat
    Raid alerts (users must enter a command in Rust to get a pin, and respond to the bot)
    Twitter feed -> discord channel w/ filter (e.g. only post messages with a hashtag like #ALMUpdate)

    What you'll need:
    Downloads are here for the brave. Windows, Linux, and OSX are all supported, but only Linux has been tested. Lots of refactoring to do and one of the first things I will tackle allowing a different datastore (sqlite, most likely), then the ability to disable features.

    mrpoundsign / PoundBot / Downloads — Bitbucket

    As soon as umod is accepting new tools and plugins, and I have time, I will work on getting it up there.
  2. Alright, new version v0.1.0 is out. New features:
    • It can be run without MongoDB, though some features like clan and chat storage isn't implemented. Not well tested. (granted, nothing is at this point). But if you're savvy enough to double-click install MongoDB you really should.
    • You can disable stuff now. Check config,
    • Config writer to make a skeleton config. Run
      pountbot -init
      on your first setup.
    • Help for the new flags in
      poundbot -h
    • Several other bug fixes
    There's lots of refactoring that needs to happen, but I also want to get it to the point where you don't need to run the bot yourself. Working on making it so the bot can be added and I'll do the hosting. Some ways to go on that. Feedback/etc would be appreciated at bitbucket.

    Basic Setup:
    • Create your discord app here: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
    • Add a bot to your app. This is where you'll name it and such.
    • Add the bot to your server with the oauth2 generator. Select the "bot" permission then copy/paste the URL in your browser.
    • Once you have done all that, find the keys in the strange interface you'll need.
    Plugin Setup:
    • Your server will need to be able to contact the bot. Hopefully it's running on your Rust server or you know enough about what you're doing to run it elsewhere. But make sure it can connect and add the correct URL in config/PoundbotConnector.json

    Other fun stuff:
    • Enable developer mode in your discord and you can right click on channels to get the channel IDs you'll need.
    • Use
      /discord MyFancyDiscordName#31337
      to begin the auth process. You will get a PIN number in chat you need to respond to the bot with. After that, you will start getting raid alerts.
  3. I need some testers for this. I am nearly done coding up what's needed to run the bot for others, but I need some server admins interested in testing. There is some manual work on my end. If you're interested in helping, message me on Discord. MrPoundsign#2364

    Current features:
    Bidirectional chat to a discord channel
    Raid alerts w/ a server specified delay time before the alert goes out.

    Todo: Allow server owners to set up everything themselves

  4. still working on this? or done with it project? or scrap the project