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  1. Danjdunham

    Danjdunham Scavenger

    So i would like if possible a form of eventmanager where multiple arenas/games are playing at the same time, a player may type something like /event join deathmatch or /event join choppersurvival to join a seperate event.

    Second thing, i would like a plugin where once a player has hit a wall with a hammer it excecutes a command that the wall has been set with for example /event join deathmatch.

    Yes, i am trying to make an event/minigames server and wold appreciate if these could be made promptly or if they already exist and i could use.



    P.S I love you all!
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  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Please keep plugin requests to one per thread to avoid duplicate requests.
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  3. StreetDog

    StreetDog Shack Builder

    I think currectly he need to post this in the EventManager Thread.
    He is requesting features for that plugin.

    but anyway, are nice requestings.
  4. Danjdunham

    Danjdunham Scavenger

    I didnt get a reply from the event manager dev, no one else could seem to help hence why i posted here :)

    Sorry man, ill remake this post