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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Rob Stark, May 16, 2017.

  1. Rob Stark

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    I saw a plugin that lets you configure alot of features of autoturrets. It didn't seem to be configurable for what I'm about to describe. What I would like to see in game, I was hoping that facepunch would add it when they put in the autoturret, But they didn't. Modularity.

    I want the ability to use ANY gun. I know the viewmodel can't be changed but what about a plugin that lets a player combine an autoturret and a weapon of choice into an auto turret that accepts a different ammo, eg rockets. Also said turret would need to shoot that new ammo instead of 5.56 rounds.

    It seems feasible, would anyone be interested in taking on the challenge. I would really love to have an auto turret that shoots rockets, or pistol ammo, or arrows for that matter.
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  3. Rob Stark

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    That is the plugin I was looking at, it's a good place to start but doesn't allow for what I'm describing. If I were to set the autoturret to accept another ammo like rockets, then all autoturrets on the server would only work with rockets.
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    Allowing turrets to use rockets, or other sorts of ammo would have to be modified quite a bit. Im pretty sure the reg 5.56 is hard coded into auto turrets. So maybe you could like, spawn a rocket and face it towards where the turret is facing. Not sure tho.
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    @redBDGR OMG I soooooooo want that XD
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    Sexy af
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