1. Hello,
    my name is Nick, i am from Germany.
    Me and a friend run a Reign of Kings server, hosted by nitrado.com.
    We have the issue that there are missing files in the subdata.
    When we download it and open the zip, all that appears is only the RoK-Data folder. If i open that folder there is only the full Managed folder.
    So we miss:

    I hope you can help us as soon as possible and with great news :O :D

    Nick and Tranq
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    1. _start-example -> this is not part of Oxide, it is just an example and not required
    2. CSharpCompiler ->this is the old name, it is Compiler now and downloaded on server start
    3. oxide.root.json -> this is also the old name, it is generated under the oxide folder on server start
  3. Thank you so much for the fast reply:D
    We found our mistake and are happy to use the great mods :D