1. Hello, I am used to coding php and are new to C. I have now edited a plugin to change a set of rules.
    The rules don't change ingame after restarting the server. I even deleted it and added the edited plugin from elsewhere.
    I assume i have to compile the scripts? How do i compile em?
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    What is a "rule" in the plugin? An edited plugin is the same as an unedited plugin and would follow the same method all other plugins do. To use a plugin, simply put it in your oxide/plugins folder and Oxide will load it if there aren't any errors from your changes. If you made changes to text that is normally handled via a config or lang file, then you should be editing those files under oxide/lang or oxide/config instead of the plugin itself.
  3. You dont edit the plugin you edit the json file look in the lang folder
  4. This is my edited version of the rules:

    { "1", "[FF0000]All players are to be polite at all times. They are required to behave maturely and with respect towards other players of at all times." },
                { "2", "[F5D400]1.[4F9BFF] KOS is not allowed and will be punished strictly. A player may harm another player when they have a valid roleplay reason."},
                { "3", "[F5D400]2.[4F9BFF] Do not Grief/Troll/Spawn Kill/Harass etc and Do not Block Resources/Roads/Spawn Areas."},
                { "4", "[F5D400]3.[4F9BFF] Sieges are only allowed when you have used /declarewar and the war has started." },
                { "5", "[F5D400]4.[4F9BFF] Raiding/sieging offline players is absolutely not allowed."},
                { "6", "[F5D400]5.[4F9BFF] When a player has died, he may not return to the situation that lead to his death."},
                { "7", "[F5D400]6.[4F9BFF] This list does not cover all rules. For a detailed overview view our website. " },
    It was not available from to edit from the json file.

    Edit: i can change it from the config.
  5. sometimes in the json in lang or config folder best to not edit the plugin
  6. I understand the part that editing is easier. But i don't like the easy approach. I mean when a game allows us to code its a waste of possibilities to don't make use of it.
    Imagine i have a plugin, and something in there doesn't suit what you want it to. In that case you will have to edit the plugin in case u can't do it from config/lang.

    Now i must also say that i have never coded with C before but i have experience with MySQL, PHP, HTML, Pawno etc..
    When i started with pawno and mastered that, mysql and php was really easy to learn even though its differences.
    I am really eager to learn more coding languages.

    May i want to edit plugins, what would be my best approach on compiling/updating them?