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  1. Cataclysme

    Cataclysme Master Researcher


    Just an idea:

    A simple plugin to hightlight players where they are mentionned on Rust, is there a way ?

    Simple plugin but can be nice ? :)
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    You could have a plugin that sends a sound effect (only those built into the game) to that player when their name is detected in the chat. You could also have a custom GUI or change the color of their name in the chat.
  3. Cataclysme

    Cataclysme Master Researcher

    Thanks, there is a good sound effect to prevent players when they are mentionned ?

    Or maybe use custom GUI

    Sorry ^^'
  4. Kappasaurus

    Kappasaurus Plugin Developer

    Unfortunately sounds cannot be sent directly to a player, therefor that could be abused, imagine if you want to know if somebody is in a building, you can just ping them.
  5. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Good point, so yeah, probably not a good idea. You may be able to isolate it with CanNetworkTo, but unsure.