1. It seems like a cool game and I want to buy it but looking at the reviews I'm having doubts. What's your guys opinion on it?
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    I'd probably hold off for something like Ruin. :p I'm unsure how active the development is for RoK, but it hasn't really had much interest other than the initial surge I think.
  3. Don't waste your money on this game.

    Every update codehatch does breaks more than they fix.
    There are still numerous ways to dupe and a list of glitches and bugs with no end.
    The game can be fun if you can live with a buggy game but, if you don't like, for example, to lose your whole inventory due to a mere restart, I'd suggest saving your money and buy a game that's eighter finished or has good, active developers.
  4. I'm looking for a new game. I'm getting tired of rust and csgo. Any suggestions?
  5. Depends on what you want and what you like.

    I'm a big fan of Warframe, which is free to play, but there are some good other games like Elder Scrolls Online, Grand Theft Auto V and Conan Exiles.
  6. If you get ROK on special for under 5$ i'd say go for it as it's worth it for sure at that price. Just don't pay full price. And join a community server as the officials are not great
  7. You can even find it for 2 EUR from time to time. Its not much, like you were buying a coffee in starbucks or something ;) but 10 or more? I wouldnt buy it as well, not at this buggy state after so much time.

    Btw, i thought the R18B update already fixed the duping problem. Also never had my inventory deleted after any update or restart.