Flippable Turrets

Allows you to flip a turret (attach to a roof)

Total Downloads: 1,728 - First Release: Aug 8, 2016 - Last Update: Feb 27, 2018

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    Flippable Turrets - Allows you to flip a turret (attach to a roof)

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  2. Hey do you have a permission for this, or once installed is it accessible by all players. Thanks
  3. No permission system so Allplayers have it,

    @DylanSMR could you add oxide.permission system? would be awesome cause this is a thing that could be sold by in-game shops (ex. ServerRewards) :)
  4. Sure. I still gotta update them both with the finished version lol.
  5. Nice idea!
    (But it rotates it after flipping.)
    EDIT: Seems to be only once a problem, next turrets it wasn't any more.

    And for people that wonder what this plugin does:


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  6. Nice @Stefan Red maybe @DylanSMR could use this picture and add it to overview for others - you know many of people here are really lazy to literaly read few posts in support threads...
  7. Odd. If you rotate it via the UI with it will it return to normal?
  8. Yes, no problem.
    But like i said, it was only once.
    Maybe it was even my fault :D
    [DOUBLEPOST=1470670861][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh and sure, if you want to use the picture, feel free to do so, would make me happy if i can help in any way :)
  9. Alright thanks :D
  10. Error after last Update :(
    [Oxide] 18:40 [Error] FlippableTurrets.cs(142,32): error CS1501: No overload for method `Spawn' takes `1' arguments
  11. Yep
    Dont work
  12. Ill look into it @Wulf was there a change with .spawn()???
  13. Now that i look into it @Wulf was BaseNetworkable function "Spawn()" changed? It used to be Spawn(Boolean) but it seems that was removed in the assembly? So would it just be empty args now?
  14. can you fix pay for auto turrent its now free but why not if you have a turrets can place it
  15. Are you wanting it so when a person flips there turret it takes resources from them? Im a tad bit confused here.
  16. Hello , have some trouble when i /flipturret work but turn turret per 90° not 180°... she lost 50% usefull aim angle. Any solution ? Thx
  17. Try unflipping then flipping it - also try to rotate it via the E menu
    And as he said above: