1. Greetings, smart people!

    So back in the day I had a Reign of Kings server and enjoyed all the plugins I could install thanks to Oxide.

    Recently I got another RoK server, and I haven't been able to get any oxide plugins to work on it.

    Previously, I would drop the .cs file into the saves/oxide/plugins folder, reset the server, and a .json file would be created in the config folder - or oxide root - or something (doesn't matter). That doesn't happen anymore.

    Now, I drop the .cs file into the oxide/plugins folder (since it's no longer under the [root]/saves/oxide/plugins folder), but still nothing.

    I recall about a year or two ago that oxide made a change in their directories, and I'm wondering if this has something to do with it since most plugins haven't been updated since then.

    Has anyone else had problems getting plugins to create .json files? Am I putting the .cs file into the wrong folder? No matter what I do or where I put the .cs file I can't get a .json file to generate.

    I'm particularily trying to get the Kits plugin to work, but actually I can't get any of them to work.

    Please help me! I'm moderately retarded. lol
    [DOUBLEPOST=1516230288][/DOUBLEPOST]OK nvm. I reinstalled Oxide mod and now it works. I'm guessing it just needed to be updated to the R18B version.

    Thanks anyways!
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  2. Wulf

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    The default path is [root]/oxide/plugins as of about a year ago.