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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Dima1809, Nov 20, 2016.

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    The name of the plugin is shown in that screenshot, it's not a public plugin.
  4. Fujikura

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    Yea...I love my creations :p
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  5. Dima1809

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    how much is this plugin?
  6. ST3V30

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    where can i get the share plug in at fujikura?
  7. Brko™

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    Share? lol.... its private plugin, paid plugin ;) You want it? Pay for it ;)
  8. ST3V30

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    i would like to pay for the plug in
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  9. Brko™

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    NO NEED TO SHOUT OR YELL ;) Maybe its not there cause it is private paid by some one else / custom ? Thats why dick ;+)
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    Then go make your own plugins simple as that. Developers including me work hard to keep plugins alive, as well as creating private plugins. There is no need to start yelling and or insulting other members of this community. If you wanted to just ask "him" a question it is as simple as a private message, if that is not possible simply wait for a response on this thread. @Brko™ was simply giving his input on the subject at hand. This is a public community hence why there are plenty of developers at hand, and why we respect each other. You also state that, "you wonder why nobody likes to ask questions on these forums." Have you seen the amount of request threads and development threads on these forums? When I started here not but a year ago I received so much help from fellow developers. If your going to come here to be negative simply don't be here. Otherwise try to deal with it in some sort of a respectful manner. @ST3V30
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  12. ST3V30

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    nvm ffs..i started off this thread just asking..where to find the plug in.. i know its a paid plug issues with that as i have some of the paid ones on my server.he got ruse with me
  13. [YNPA] Fake Death

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    as far i know you can close this tread because Fujikura is not gonna share it most paid plugins stay private cuz they paid for and some private plugins are only shared to testing purpose. Share plugin is many requested in the forums but will definely not be designed again.
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