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Rust Clan only door codes

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Seidezeus, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Seidezeus

    Seidezeus Naked Wanderer

    Would it be possible to do a digicode blocker?
    Basically what I'm looking for is that the friends of the player who has the door and the code lock can not use the door as long as they are not in clan.
    See also api friend later.
  2. Dream 5

    Dream 5 Shack Builder

  3. Seidezeus

    Seidezeus Naked Wanderer

    Hi, thank you for your reply.
    That does not solve my problem.
    The player enters the door code and has access to it.
    I would like that if I player is not in the clan of the person who has the door and the code, can not use the door and can not enter the code.
    Basically I would limit disabled the code works.
  4. [YNPA] Fake Death

    [YNPA] Fake Death Wood Hoarder

    what u basicly want is sharedoor but blocking acces for everyone not in the clan
  5. Seidezeus

    Seidezeus Naked Wanderer

    Yes block codelock for those who are not in the clan
  6. [YNPA] Fake Death

    [YNPA] Fake Death Wood Hoarder

    Try contact one of my Developer friends @sami37
  7. Kappasaurus

    Kappasaurus Shotgun Ace Plugin Developer

    Look at CanUseLock, should be an easy plugin. Click me.