1. Hey Guys.
    I have modified the Rustcord Plugin.
    In Discord we have a channel to authorize players that they are on the discord server.
    Works... but... The user can authorize any player endless times. My Idea is now.
    • The User types: !auth {hisSteamID}
    • Check if the Player or the SteamID is connected.
    • Maybe generate a Random TAN that ist send to the player with the SteamID or in Discord.
    • And now the player has repeat the TAN in the Game or Discord.
    • Or give the player a new role in discord after the !auth command that the Channel is not Visible with the new Rank/Role.
    My Code is at the Time very simple (i mean my "edit")
            private void DiscordToGameCmd(string command, string param, User author, string channelid)
                if (command == "players")
                    string listStr = string.Empty;
                    var pList = BasePlayer.activePlayerList;
                    int i = 0;
                    foreach (var player in pList)
                        listStr += player.displayName + " [" + ++i + "]";
                        if (i != pList.Count)
                            listStr += "\n";
                    Channel.GetChannel(_client, channelid, chan =>
                        // Connected Players [{count}/{maxplayers}]: {playerslist}
                        chan.CreateMessage(_client, Translate("Discord_PlayersResponse", new Dictionary<string, string>
                            { "count", Convert.ToString(BasePlayer.activePlayerList.Count) },
                            { "maxplayers", Convert.ToString(ConVar.Server.maxplayers) },
                            { "playerslist", listStr }
                 if (command == "auth")
                    ConsoleSystem.Run(ConsoleSystem.Option.Server.Quiet(), "o.usergroup add " + param + " discord" );
    I use the Discord Extension from "PsychoTea?" and Dylan

    Is there a Site where i finde some discord functions like CreateMessage(); ?

    Or have someone another idea how i can control that a user only can use the auth command once.

    Thanks for your help :)

    Offtopic: Someone know if the ai npc aimcone is more accurate if i put it higher or lower?