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    Welcome Messages - Sends a welcome message when the player connects

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  2. Can you please help me how to fix this error.

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  3. Wulf

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  4. pls fix !!!
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    Welcome Messages | Adjustments

    [DOUBLEPOST=1450014452][/DOUBLEPOST]Im sorry everyone but I wasn't yet around here to answer your posts.

    This is not an issue of my plugin, but actually the game's, Hurtworld seems to have the exact same issue Rust had when the chat was first introduced, when we tried to use colors in the chat it would just break it for some reason. Welcome Messages was using the exact same system my Notifier plugin (for Rust) uses, I haven't changed the code and the default messages are fine has I have tested them precisely. Though I am aware this is still an issue, so I have removed the Notifier system and replaced the system's format with HTML's, so this said it means if the chat "breaks" its not the plugin but actually the game.

    P.S: I experienced this when I first tested the plugin and tried HTML first, and it still broke the chat.
  6. thanks skinN
    [DOUBLEPOST=1450015637][/DOUBLEPOST]still same problem
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  7. how can I edit the message?
  8. Don't take me wrong but I believe the config file its quite self explanatory, but here's an example,

    Open your configuration file and edit with something like this:
      "MESSAGES": [
        "Message #1",
        "Message #2",
        "Message #3",
    In-game the messages will be shown in the exact same order that is in the config file, in this case from #1 to #3, and you may add as much lines as you'd like as long as you make sure the json is correct.

    Note 1: Currently there is only one name format you can use in these messages, which is {username}, this {username} will be replaced with the player name. I will work to add a bunch more in the future.
    Note 2: If you want help to make sure json is correct use jsonlint.com to validate your config file, otherwise if you don't manage to fix your errors you can always upload your config file here so I can help you with them.

    Enjoy it.
    Read my post above yours and there I explained why the issue is not solved.
    There is just nothing that I can do.
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  9. Thank you I got xD
  10. But wait, if MOTD and BetterChat can use HTML to edit the colors of the chat, why do their plugins not break the chat?
  11. Well I know both use ChatManager from the assembly to send the messages to the chat and mine uses Oxide's hurt.SendChatMessage. @Wulf could this be an Oxide side issue?
  12. Wulf

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    Using hurt.SendChatMessage is the same as using it directly, so it shouldn't. I'll do some testing though.
  13. SkinN õ.Õ'.|. updated Welcome Messages with a new update entry:

    Welcome Messages | Adjustments

  14. Wulf

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    If there is an issue with the Oxide library functions @SkinN õ.Õ'.|., please let me know. They are there to make plugin breakage happen less, so if there is an issue we need to know. There shouldn't be any issue with them though, as they handle it the same was as calling it directly.
  15. hello your plugin dont work on my server can u help me plz ?

    i instal on oxide / plugin

    /kit mod is online and no probleme to work i dont have idea
  16. Wulf

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    Are you getting any errors in your oxide/logs?
  17. This is the error i get now.
    [Oxide] 11:35 PM [Error] Failed to call hook 'OnPlayerConnected' on plugin 'welc
    omemessages v1.0.2'
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "welcomemessages.py", line 90, in OnPlayerConnected
      File "welcomemessages.py", line 70, in tell
    RuntimeError: Failed to call OnPlayerConnected (ArgumentTypeException: expected
    NetworkPlayer, got NoneType)
      at Microsoft.Scripting.Interpreter.ThrowInstruction.Run (Microsoft.Scripting.I
    nterpreter.InterpretedFrame frame) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
      at Microsoft.Scripting.Interpreter.Interpreter.Run (Microsoft.Scripting.Interp
    reter.InterpretedFrame frame) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  18. Exactly the same situation
  19. I installed oxide and I put plugins in the oxide/plugins folder, but none of the plugins config files show up in the oxide/config folder even when I restart server. Even typing oxide.reload or oxide.unload I get a unknown command. I used to have a Rust server, so I have experience with oxide.