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  1. Mughisi

    Mughisi Community Mod Oxide Developer

    You end the string there with the quotes, you should only have a quote where the text starts and where it ends :)
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  2. xJacko

    xJacko Naked Wanderer

    Doesnt work
  3. 1V3n0m

    1V3n0m Naked Wanderer

    lol thank you
  4. xJacko

    xJacko Naked Wanderer

  5. xRascal

    xRascal Scavenger

    hi i wonder someone could help me by adding the server server description command line this is my command line for the server

    @echo off
    RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.port 28015 -logFile Server.log -rcon.port 28016 -rcon.password "aaaaaaa" +server.maxplayers 150 +server.seed 37862 -load -rcon.ip +server.hostname "SurvivalIsland | x20 - TP - Kits - Home - QuickSmelt - HighStacks" -server.worldsize 5000 -server.globalchat 1 -server.secure 1 -server.stability true -chat.serverlog true -server.saveinterval 300 +server.level "Procedural Map"
  6. Paranoid [NL]

    Paranoid [NL] Scavenger

    here is mine make it your own

    Code (Text):
    .\RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname %_hostname% +server.port %_port% +server.description "Welcome to the Rust Warzone \n A small map for you where you can build your base and combat your neighbours." +server.url "http://www.gieteling.net" +server.headerimage "http://www.gieteling.net/forum/images/ServerHeader.png" +server.identity %_ident% +server.maxplayers %_players% +rcon.port %_rport% +rcon.password %_rcon% +rcon.ip +server.saveinterval 900 +server.level %_level% +server.seed %_seed% +server.globalchat true +server.worldsize %_worldsize% +cfg "server\%_ident%\cfg\server.cfg"
  7. xRascal

    xRascal Scavenger

    thanks mate i am not sure if i like this new update for rust or not ah
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    paranoid message me on oxide need abit off help
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  8. SannyOK

    SannyOK Master Researcher


    [DK] IIIBARCODEIII Wood Hoarder

  10. paulino27

    paulino27 Naked Wanderer

    This is yours?Well we asked for help for someone to explain how to do that not to show what you have doing that wont help at all

    [DK] IIIBARCODEIII Wood Hoarder

    added this to my start.bat

    Code (Text):
    +server.headerimage "http://oi57.tinypic.com/o6h3s2.jpg" +server.url "http://map.playrust.io/?rustepic.noip.me:28015" +server.description "Welcome to EPIC\nA huge map for your exploration needs.\nWhere you can build your base and combat your neighbours.\n\nPLUGINS\nAntiCheat - AutoDoorCloser - AutoFurnaces - BetterLoot - Clans - CompassGUI - Instacraft - 15 x Gather -Teleport - Kits - Removertool - LiveMap - Friendly Fire - Trade - QuickSmelt - QuickSort - RainOfFire -RankME - SignArtist - Dayvote - StackSizes"
  12. paulino27

    paulino27 Naked Wanderer

    I did too but it didn't changed maybe because my server is not on server list?

    [DK] IIIBARCODEIII Wood Hoarder

    it dosnt update on-the-fly.. but if you entered this in your startup.bat it will be on the server description.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 1, 2015 ---
    post your start.bat
    and ill look
  14. Blackop

    Blackop Naked Wanderer

    What is the best way to add a server description for the Server Browser Login dialog?
  15. twistedglyph

    twistedglyph Naked Wanderer

    random question...wondering if any of you lovely people can help me....since the latest updates... most servers can have a detailed description attached so it appears when you select the server through rust...how would i go about adding a server description to my launch parameters...thx in advance
  16. Freaky

    Freaky Shack Builder

    +server.description "your description"
    in your lauch parameters (-batchmode +server.ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx +server.description "your description" etc.)
  17. Duckmen

    Duckmen Naked Wanderer

    Hello, russian server hosters.
    If you want to use russian text in description (or anywhere in bat) - i have a decision:
    encode bat file to OEM866 and after encoding type your servername or description
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  18. Loup-des-Neiges

    Loup-des-Neiges Shack Builder

    Do you have a tip for the characters : é è à ç ?
    I tried all encodings , but I can not seem to display these characters.

    UTF-8 (No bom) : é => ├®
  19. baton256

    baton256 Plugin Developer

    Loup try saving your bat script with 863 or 1147 code page.
  20. Loup-des-Neiges

    Loup-des-Neiges Shack Builder

    I already try OEM 863, but notepad++ save in ANSI : °
    I fail to see why.

    Edit : okay fixed !
    My accents are displayed well in Rust.
    It will be displayed in another form in notepad ++
    Rust : décembre => script.bat in notepad++ : d‚cembre
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2015