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  1. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Sure, in the plugin's support thread. ;)
  2. Kinesis

    Kinesis Plugin Developer

    What's the best way to print to chat globally with a Steam profile as the Avatar? I can't seem to get one to reliably work. There's a lot of ways in older plugins but these all seem unreliable at best now.
  3. Ryan

    Ryan Plugin Developer

    rust.BroadcastChat(BasePlayer player, string name, string message, string userId)

    Not 100% if that’s the correct arguments tbf.

    The userId you supply is the steam avatar of the message. (Presuming the player is in the servers /users/ storage)
  4. DylanSMR

    DylanSMR Plugin Developer

    I don't think the player has to be in the servers storage. From what im aware it just fetches it from some steam API.
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