Better PVE/PVP implementation

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  1. I had totally misunderstood how it worked, i read the overview again after your reply and got it right now, thanks! :)
  2. np anytime
  3. Is there a possibility that a player can activate pvp for himself? Such as with the command /pvp
  4. Not possible. But you can make pvp zones with zonemanager and config them for pvp in TruePVe config with rules and entity groups.
  5. Is there any way to make a door public to everyone without being able to be picked up by other players?
  6. Would have use zone manager flags for that. It's not a TruePVe option.
  7. Exclusions does not work.
  8. ai.npc_junkpile is not possible to kill during PVE - how do i fix that? got it to work with ai.npc_enable false
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  9. Not sure if my issue is even related to TruePvE...but here goes...

    A player on my server noticed that occasionally a scientist will spawn in a zone I have created for town.
    Scientist can kill but not be killed, in a zone that gives players pvegod and pvpgod abilities.

    I know this sounds maybe like a ZoneManager problem....but just wondering if I am missing an entry in npcs entity group?
    Or this may possibly be something unaccounted for?...not sure.


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  10. When a scientist is not in a "zone" can they be killed ?
  11. @draindoc98

    I'm pretty sure the pvpgod flag is causing this issue. Look at the Zone Manager Plugin support thread (page 154). I posted a fix there that is working for me.

  12. Yes, when they are not in a zone they can be killed.
    Thanks for that! Figured it was ZoneManager issue. Just wanted to be sure something didn't change with extra npcs/last update.
    However, I can now kill Scientist's in zone....but they can still kill me having pvpgod in zone?

    Thanks again!
  13. Hi @ignignokt84

    I am trying to make it so ladders can't be used while our server is in PvE mode. We use building blocker but it doesn't have a schedule feature. We purge every Saturday. We have TruePVE setup to switch between PvE and PvP on a schedule. We also have an excluded PvP zone that is always PvP. Is there an easy way for me to tell which ruleset a player is currently being governed by? That way I can do a simple call and allow building ladders or not. Thanks for your time.

  14. Hi.
    How can I set the turret to shoot the helicopter?
  15. There's not a way to do this currently. It also might be noted that there is not a clear "governing" ruleset for a player at any particular moment - the rulesets are evaluated based on both the attacker's location and the target's location. So a player standing in one spot could technically have overlapping rulesets depending on what they are trying to attack. The rulesets are also only evaluated when an entity is damaged, so there is no direct or saved association between a player and a ruleset.
    As far as I know, the vanilla Rust turret won't shoot at the heli - you'd have to find a plugin that specifically adds this functionality. It's not something TruePVE would do.
  16. Hello there,
    I have a short question. How can i turn of the damage that scientists on players do?

    I need somethink like "scientists cannot hurt players" but nothing works.

    I really hope you can help me :D

  17. does the ch47 need an entry in the config to take damage?
  18. You need to set up an entity group to define the scientists before you can block their damage. You should be able to find a few examples of what you want to do if you scroll back a few pages of threads.

    Probably. I am a bit behind on updates actually, so I didn't realize the chinook was in yet. Depending on how Facepunch implemented it, it might need special handling like the heli does... Or maybe someone else has already set up the chinook in TruePVE config and will be a kind sir or madam and post their solution :)
  19. u need add this ch47scientists.entity to your group like this,

          "name": "heli",
          "members": "BaseHelicopter, ch47scientists.entity",
          "exclusions": ""
    or npcs like this

          "name": "npcs",
          "members": "ch47scientists.entity, BradleyAPC, NPCPlayer, NPCPlayerApex,  NPCMurderer, murderer, NPCScientist, Scientist",
          "exclusions": ""
  20. is there any way of allowing players to hurt vehicles (boats, cars) in the rule sets? Something like "players can hurt vehicles" or something?