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Gives players the opportunity to send a ticket to admins

Total Downloads: 4,825 - First Release: May 26, 2015 - Last Update: Oct 31, 2016

4.85185/5, 27 likes
  1. Bootloop

    Bootloop Wood Hoarder

    I might have to go in and remove all the color styles then. Thanks,
  2. Riddle

    Riddle Shack Builder


    When I want to load the plugin, it says:
    (03:20:58) | [Oxide] 03:20 [Warning] Missing plugin name prefix 'tickets.' for permission 'ticket.admin' (by plugin 'Tickets')

    And it's creating an empty config file...
  3. Bootloop

    Bootloop Wood Hoarder

    You need to add yourself to the Admin permissions.

    Code (Text):
    oxide.grant group admin ticket.admin
  4. Riddle

    Riddle Shack Builder

    Allready did. Configuration file is empty and after a reload of the plugin, same message pops up
  5. Bootloop

    Bootloop Wood Hoarder


    Code (Text):

    Is where the ticket info is stored. Log a ticket and see if this populates. Been using this for 3 months with no issues. I also get that message for other plugins after first install until you have set the permissions.
  6. Riddle

    Riddle Shack Builder

    Allright, so, there is no configuration?
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 11, 2016 ---
    Well, nevermind, i put the config variables in the file and Push is working now.

    I am an admin and have set the permissions, but the message is still popping up after a reload of the plugin. Well, it seems to be working though
  7. Alphawar

    Alphawar Plugin Developer

    The message is just saying that the permission isnt prefixed with the mod name, for example my mod permission names are pvxselector.bla, if I just did bla it would give that message.

    edit, if you read its saying mising prefix TICKETS while the mod is TICKET.admin, its missing the "s", add that and it goes away
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  8. Cataclysme

    Cataclysme Master Researcher

    Salut ! Je viens ici pour poster la doc du plugin ticket en Français
    Hi ! I come here for post the translation of the doc for Tickets
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  9. @Neko

    @Neko Naked Wanderer

    Hey LaserHydra,

    How can I link this plugin to send information in Slack through a bot?

    So if I were to type: "/ticket Jamie is hacking" , it would come through on Slack from the slack bot showing the player that submitted the ticket aswell as the message they wrote.

  10. LaserHydra

    LaserHydra Plugin Developer

    Thats in the new version of Tickets. I will try to publish that asap.
  11. @Neko

    @Neko Naked Wanderer

    Sounds like a plan!
    Any idea what time frame?

  12. Rainbow™

    Rainbow™ Wood Hoarder

    Is it possible to make a GUI version of this?

    I'm quite lazy as are some players and I'd rather not type all the chat commands to view tickets, it would be amazing to have a GUI verison :)
  13. Bootloop

    Bootloop Wood Hoarder

    @LaserHydra also could you check why when you type '/ticket list' it doesn't appear in the console and you have to type it again.

    What are the chances of also having a Facebook API added to enable posting to a specified group?

    Pushing the boat out a bit I know ;)
  14. Rainbow™

    Rainbow™ Wood Hoarder

    Is it possible to use Alias to change /ticket add <issue> to /report <issue> ?
  15. LaserHydra

    LaserHydra Plugin Developer

    You guys still use facebook? Come on! ;)
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 16, 2016 ---
    Should be.
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 16, 2016 ---
    GUI is the only things thats left for the new Tickets version (rework).
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  16. Rainbow™

    Rainbow™ Wood Hoarder

    Ohhh that'll be fantastic mate. To have something abit similar to the quests plugin where they type in their report and the admin gets a detail report system, would be ace :D
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  17. @Neko

    @Neko Naked Wanderer


    Any idea of when the Tickets for Slack will be released?
  18. LaserHydra

    LaserHydra Plugin Developer

    With the next update.
  19. PH1NO

    PH1NO Naked Wanderer

    Having issues trying to view the message, ticket view isn't working. How can I make it so I am able to view it?
  20. NiueanTurtle

    NiueanTurtle Wood Hoarder

    I'm having the same problem, however the work-around appears to be working, in that you simply type '/ticket list' a second time, then check the Console.