1. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    As you may have noticed, we've started (technically resumed) the migration process to the new site. While this is happening, updates and new submissions on the current site will be disabled. As of right now, there are a few hundred plugins currently migrated that I am working through individually to format the descriptions and make sure they build. If there are any unmaintained plugins that need some attention, we'll be seeking out capable developers to take those over else provide minor fixes for them to at least get them working again.

    If you maintain a plugin that has already been migrated, it can be updated and edited on the new site, with the old page here at oxidemod.org redirecting to the plugin's page on the new site at umod.org. If you are a plugin developer and have yet to register there to claim your migrated plugin(s), please let me know and I'll shoot you an invite.

    Also, just a reminder that plugins on the new site are currently accessible for guests while registration is invite-only. Once we are happy with the state of the site, we'll open up the registrations. For more information about the migration process, see "New site progress and plugin migration".

    Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you on the new site!
  2. Brilliant :)

    When will we be able to register for an account on the new site?
  3. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Right now we're planning open registration for the end of the month.
  4. Awesome, my Birthday time lol
  5. Regarding developers, if you need some extra help I can probably lend a hand supporting some of the non maintained plugins you wish to carry over.
  6. i will be register on the website if it posible let me now
  7. Ummm what is wrong with the old site and format? I rather like Xenforo myself...
  8. Calytic

    Calytic Community Admin Community Mod

    This has already been covered, but I will go into more detail.

    I can think of at least half a dozen reasons off the top of my head why XenForo sucks for us.

    1. XenForo is forum software with resource management tacked on. In XenForo, the forum is a first-class citizen and resources (plugins/extensions/etc) are second class citizens. This is exactly opposite of how it ought to be.
    2. There is no API
    3. The resource browsing and approval processes suck
    4. There is no integration with Oxide releases or game updates
    5. Mobile support is terrible
    6. We have basically no control over the site, XenForo plugins, hosting, etc
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  9. Xenforo software if coded by the right person is ok DragonByte Tech | XenForo and vBulletin Mods & Addons
    but I still rather use vbulletin
  10. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    You're still working on top of a forum as Calytic stated. We'd rather not have to create workarounds or rely on a particular platform to offer the functionality and benefits that the new site provides.

    Also, this is getting a bit off topic as this thread is about the plugin migration, not the site's purpose and such. ;)
  11. I was pointing out that dont put forum software down to being bad its not always the software but how is used
  12. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Nobody stated it was bad, just outside the scope of what it is intended for.
  13. Yes I agree with this site is not whats needed and the new site is better but as you seen the one I linked it could be fixed but to late for that now
  14. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    A design change and a store add-on do not really compare to the functionality of our new site and platform; not really something that could be "fixed" here on the current site.
  15. Ok. Didn't mean to derail things. I do miss the notifications of plugins being updated. I keep checking the other site to see if things are updated but since we cant even create an account yet, we're in quite a state if limbo.

  16. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Registration will be available soon, we just needed to make sure a few security and anti-abuse features are in place and functioning well.