1. Wulf

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    Hello again,

    We're making great progress with the new site at preview.umod.org and we've been able to squash quite a few issues during the initial alpha test period so far! If you're not caught up with all of the changes happening, I'd recommend taking a glance at the "Upcoming changes and preview of new site" thread that details a lot of the changes and plans for both the project and sites.

    So what's next? Well, so far we're on track for the next preview period on August 1st. This will be the "beta" test of the site platform with invites going out to more of our active community members and developers for them to play around with it and help us improve it further.

    The new site will soon be taking the place of the older version currently at umod.org. All plugins currently at umod.org will be available for download at the new site using at same URLs once they are migrated. This change is ahead of our previously planned date, which is a good thing!

    All documentation we currently provide is in the process of being moved, updated, and overhauled for the new site. We're also working on getting server-related tutorials made for each supported game along with host-specific tutorials for setting up a server with uMod / Oxide.

    What will happen to my plugins? Any public plugins currently hosted at umod.org and/or oxidemod.org will be automatically migrated to the new site platform once we finalize the automation tools involved with that process in the coming week or so. We'll be taking the time during this migration to also fix any unmaintained plugins and catch up with any issues with plugins. If you have any private or paid plugins, those can be submitted manually once the Marketplace is open and accepting submissions.

    Any plugins currently in the submission queue at oxidemod.org will be reviewed at oxidemod.org and migrated manually to the new site if they meet the submission guidelines and requirements; otherwise the submitter would be notified of any necessary changes and asked to resubmit on the new site. We're a bit behind on plugin submissions, so bear with us!

    We'll also be working with select third-party marketplaces to work on bringing over some of their premium plugins to offer in our Marketplace. There will be some method for migrating any existing licenses you have for these as well, if any, to the new site as well.

    Edit: We've started the process of migrating! All plugins on oxidemod.org will be locked to prevent updates and changes while the migration processes.

    Aside from that, we're moving forward and we hope you're as excited for the new site as we are!
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  2. Sounds great. Can't wait
  3. Wulf

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    Tools section is on the way, just in case you were wondering. ;)

    The framework is there, but it's slightly different as it'll involve virus/malware scanning and won't be using the CI server.
  4. I was kinda wondering hahaha. Thanks for the info!
  5. Aswsome! and to be honestly umod is more easyer to use then this website
  6. Wulf

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    Thanks, but I don't recall you having registered to use/test preview.umod.org yet? :p
  7. Not previeuw.umod.org thats true but i've registerd my self on the site umod.org my username is the same as this one
  8. Wulf

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    The old version is at umod.org, preview.umod.org is what this thread is about.
  9. I would like to register but cant as registration is currently disabled and the original one I had on the old site wont work
  10. Is it true that the registerd option is currently disabled ?
    Sorry I'm just wake up the question was voor @Wulf
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  11. Wulf

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    It's currently invite only. We'll be opening up to more members when ready.
  12. I would also like to see this preview I've heard so much about.
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  13. it sounds very interesting @Wulf
  14. Please invite me please i practicaly live here wulf ;)
  15. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds.
    Great work.
  16. It's first of August! Those of us who were not invited to the beta will be able to see the site today? I'm excited
  17. Wulf

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    The "alpha" was last month, the "beta" will be this month. It's still limited invites right now, but users will be able to see the site and browse once we open that part of it up later today.
  18. Thnx Wulf! I want to see the new site!
  19. Calytic

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    We ran into a few snags today, it's my fault but I just want to assure everyone we're still on track to release the beta as soon as possible.

    It might not be tomorrow due to a big patch we're expecting but it will certainly be within the next several days. Thank you for your patience.
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