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  1. I'm fairly new to C# and Visual Studio and I recently got into Rust Development (I'm an old player but never really owned or been towards the server side of things). I am currently trying to find how I would create a UI? Would I use Unity? Or is there some dedicated programme for Rust for developers such as myself to create UI's visually?
  2. I have program, asap i will publish it for month pay.
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  4. @Thomas see , i am not recommending you to use that types of programms/sites, because you will degrade(in skill of programming). You can use CuiHelper (try to open and inspect other plugins)
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  5. @Garbage Collector I think I'll go with your advice and just inspect other plugins such as "Info Panel" and "GUI Shop" to see how their UI's are setup. Thank's for that idea :)
  6. No no no, young man (c) Ramsey.

    Try something more easily
    [DOUBLEPOST=1533881226][/DOUBLEPOST]Like HitIcon or HitMarker GUI
    var Container = new CuiElementContainer();
    Container.Add(new CuiElement
        Name = "Menu",
        Components =
            new CuiRawImageComponent {Color = "0 0 0 0" , Url = "oxidemod.org/memes/hellokitty.png"},
            new CuiRectTransformComponent {AnchorMin = "0 0", AnchorMax = "1 1"},
    CuiHelper.AddUi(player, Container);
    Simple example for you
  7. Lol, it increase skills, bcz u can create beautiful gui in 5min and spend more time for plugin logic or functional
  8. Of pushing buttons? It reduces time spent, but no more. For juniors will be better to teach and learn everything without that kind of "helpful" programms.

    Manual and automatic transmission in car
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