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Configurable GUI icon and damage when you hit player|friend|clanmate|head

Total Downloads: 8,387 - First Release: May 17, 2016 - Last Update: Jan 24, 2018

5/5, 45 likes
  1. serezhadelaet
    Was made for myself, but i hope someone like it :)

    BEFORE LOAD PLUGIN YOU NEED DOWNLOAD hit.png and death.png (look below)
    AND PUT IT IN YOUR /oxide/data/

    !!!!IT WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT hit.png and death.png IN YOUR oxide/data/!!!!

    This plugin will be show some icon and damage, when player hit another player.
    Icon can have different colors when you hit player/friend/clanmate/player's head.
    Also, you can set soundeffect, when hit your friend/clanmate
    And set color/size of text damage and turn off or enable it.

    Messages will be in your oxide/lang/HitIcon.**.json

    To enable or disable icon, player can write in chat /hit

    Hit clanmate color - color, when you hit clanmate.
    Hit friend color - color, when you hit friend.
    Hit head color - color, when you hit player's head.
    Hit body color - color, when you hit body.
    Text damage color - text color (damage).
    Damage text size - by default 15.
    Show death skull - true or false for enable or disable show skull icon when your hit kills enemy.
    Show hits/deaths on NPC (Bears, wolfs, etc.) - Show damage and icon if you hit NPC (Not HumanNPC)
    Text Font - available fonts: robotocondensed-bold.ttf, robotocondensed-regular.ttf, droidsansmono.ttf, permanentmarker.ttf
    Text Outline Color - outline color.
    Text Outline Distance - outline distance, to disable outline set "0 0"
    Show damage - true or false for enable or disable.
    Show clanmate damage - true or false for enable or disable text.
    Show friend damage - true or false for enable or disable text.
    Use Friends - true or false for enable or disable friend's color.
    Use Clans - true or false for enable or disable clan's color.
    Use sound when mate get attacked - true or false for enable or disable sound, when you hit friend or clanmate.
    When mate get attacked sound fx - by default "assets/prefabs/instruments/guitar/effects/guitarpluck.prefab" - it's Guitar sound.
    Time to destroy - How much time icon will be displayed.

    - But we have HitMakerGUI! For what it?
    - I noticed HitMakerGUI's icon sometimes displayed for me with some delay. It makes me worried.
    My plugin use icon from your server (Thank's Kayzor's LustyMap for source code) and it works with minimum delay.

    In future maybe will add icon size.

    P.S. This is my first plugin for public and I will be glad, if you give me some feedback :)

    P.S.S. Thank's OpenRustServer for some help and of course, thanks for code HitMakerGUI and LustyMap.


    1. death.png
    2. hit.png