Manage CH47 & helicopter health, player damage, configure turrets/rockets, and more!

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  1. Cool ... i used the remover tool last time to get rid of the heli :D
    The message "Heli called to someone" is that show globaly? If so, is it possible to turn it off? I like to scare my users a bit :D
  2. No that is not a global announcement, that is just for the person who executed the command.
  3. Koenrad updated HeliControl with a new update entry:


  4. add loot setting
  5. Koenrad updated HeliControl with a new update entry:


  6. i just updated the plugin. i like the kill option.
    it works if i send a specific player, but doesnt work if i use /callheli in chat, or callheli in the console.. although rusty says it has been called. no errors given
    keep up the good work :)


    just found out it also follows you under water :) submarine chopper :)
  7. In fact, I can /killheli in version 1.0.5.
    No error:D
    [DOUBLEPOST=1442694478][/DOUBLEPOST]Hoping appearances like a Airdrop set work hours.
    For example an hour attack helicopters.
    Helitimer=> The time between each Attack helicopter event (minutes).
  8. Yes, that was the problem hehe! Anyone could do it, without admin or the permission. I will consider adding that feature when I have time to work on this project again.

    How large is your map? I have been testing on a very small island, and when I call it without specifying a player, it spawns the helicopter very far out and it takes about a minute for it to even get to my location. If you want a helicopter to spawn on yourself, just use your own name. If it truly is not spawning, I do not know what could be causing it for you.
  9. Few management capabilities by helicopter. Add the possibility of controlling the rocket salvos, or even if you really realize that the administrator himself can control the helicopter with his camera as a plugin /fly.
  10. i have a 6000 map.
  11. After callheli command in logs:
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/npc/patrol_helicopter/servergibs_patrolhelicopter.prefab[1264343] (3270.3, -5010.3, -2814.8) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/npc/patrol_helicopter/servergibs_patrolhelicopter.prefab[1264341] (3256.9, -5008.2, -2884.0) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/npc/patrol_helicopter/servergibs_patrolhelicopter.prefab[1264342] (3321.1, -5008.3, -2882.9) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/npc/patrol_helicopter/servergibs_patrolhelicopter.prefab[1264334] (3306.5, -5011.7, -3007.4) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/npc/patrol_helicopter/servergibs_patrolhelicopter.prefab[1264337] (3364.6, -5009.7, -3000.0) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/npc/patrol_helicopter/servergibs_patrolhelicopter.prefab[1264338] (3305.1, -5008.9, -3001.8) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/fireball.prefab[1265114] (2520.4, -44898.9, -2606.4) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/fireball.prefab[1265061] (2466.5, -38234.6, -2156.6) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/fireball.prefab[1265048] (2771.6, -36772.2, -2349.0) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/fireball.prefab[1265314] (3669.5, -65332.8, -2749.1) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/npc/patrol_helicopter/servergibs_patrolhelicopter.prefab[1264335] (3366.9, -5004.0, -3072.1) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/fireball.prefab[1265334] (2963.7, -67673.9, -2103.1) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/npc/patrol_helicopter/servergibs_patrolhelicopter.prefab[1264338] (3305.1, -5008.9, -3001.8) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/npc/patrol_helicopter/servergibs_patrolhelicopter.prefab[1264336] (3364.6, -5003.7, -3052.3) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/fireball.prefab[1265518] (1813.7, -97379.5, -1634.6) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/fireball.prefab[1265423] (2752.5, -83343.0, -2307.8) (destroying)
    Invalid Position: assets/bundled/prefabs/fireball.prefab[1265432] (3631.5, -84057.2, -2907.9) (destroying)
  12. can there be a timer setup to call in some scheduled
  13. any chance of a limit on how many can be called in?? say on a 24 hour cooldown? let me elaborate.. so we can let players call in one a day per person.. if they wanted
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  14. hi.
    Can you tell me after how long comes an helicopter ?

    Seems really seldom ( like every 2 hours ? ). I do manual call from time to time to get one more often.

    Would it be possible add a command like the voteday every x minutes to ask people on the server if they want the helicopter or not ?

    A bit like the voteday it would be a press /votehelicopter to get an helicopter on the map ?
  15. You can use TimedExecute for Rust Experimental | Oxide
    Or edit SkipNightVote for Rust Experimental | Oxide for your request
  16. Oki for TimedExecute thx.

    But do you know the frequency of helicopter ? One every 2 hours ?
  17. 48-72 hours ingame time
  18. this plugin can up HP helicopter and modify item in box heli drop ?
  19. Most likely you just never saw the helicopter that was spawned.

    This was after the helicopter was destroyed correct? I can not do anything about these errors, they will happen if you call the helicopter with my plugin or from game console with the rust commands. I've seen them happen when calling helicopters on a fresh no-oxide server.

    The default drops of a helicopter are c4, rockets, an assault rifle, a bolt action rifle, pistol ammo, and 5.56 ammo. The problem is that if you use the plugin BetterLoot, it will affect the boxes and give them regular loot. That means that the BetterLoot plugin needs to be modified to customized for helicopter drops or disabled for helicopter drops. That feature will probably come in the future in that plugin, so I don't want to spend time figuring out the entire loot system while I have things I find more interesting to delve into.
  20. is there a way to make the heli stronger in armor? HP?