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Flippable Turrets

Allows you to flip a turret (attach to a roof)

Total Downloads: 1,632 - First Release: Aug 8, 2016 - Last Update: Feb 27, 2018

5/5, 11 likes
  1. All turrets were all facing the center of the room but when flipped they all faced SouthEast... possible to look into this?
    Also as @Zuddles mentioned you cannot /remove a turret once it has been flipped, even if its unflipped.

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  2. Ill look into it when I can. Been busy getting back into my school sched.
  3. DylanSMR updated Flippable Turrets with a new update entry:


    Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. how do you get permission to flip the turret?

    "you have no permission to flip this turret"
  5. /flipturret (brings back "you have no permission to flip this turret")
    flippableturrets.canflip (in arcon "command not found" same result in console)

    im calling this plugin, "not working"
  6. Code:
    grant user ID/Name flippableturrets.canflip
    If it gave you command not found that was not my plugin. As when I released this it worked fine. ;)
  7. how do you grant all permission then? by default or do you have to grant each individual player permission?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1485377233][/DOUBLEPOST]i did grant group default flippableturrets.canflip

    and got back "unexpected error code" 2591
    what i meant to say is i get that error when trying to flip a turret now
  8. Err I will look into why that happened. I cant remember what error codes said what. It might be becaause thrrr are multiple turrets near. For now just move around it and it might work.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1485378560][/DOUBLEPOST]And I think you can do "grant group player(or default I dont know @Wulf will know) flippableturrets.canflip
  9. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    grant group default is right, not player. I have no idea what error code you are seeing, but it's not from the command.
  10. Yeah the error code is a plugin thing. I put those in there to help me debug at a later point. So its not anything related to oxide :)
    Yeah the error code is because there are various different turrets nearby. Try moving around the turret, or simply moving the other turret.
  11. JLZ


    Got this error
    (22:16:12) | [FlippableTurrets] 6

    (22:16:12) | [FlippableTurrets] Error Code 2591... Error flipping turret... Please report this bug as quick as possible!!!
  12. JLZ


    Also this: Failed to call hook 'FlipTurret' on plugin 'FlippableTurrets v1.0.5' (NullReferenceException: )
  13. I can flip the turret but using the unflipturret does not work at all for me. any suggestions I did use command oxide.load flippableturrets.canflip in the FI console and that made it work to flip it but not to unflip. Any thoughts. If i Keep using flipturret it will flip it up and about but not back to the original location.
  14. so im getting this a lot from mods and players "An unexpected error has occured, please reported this to the owner with error : 2591 (code)" an idea? thats word for word
  15. I'm getting the same error message.
  16. So you can flip multiple turrets on top of each other...not sure if there's a way to fix this?
  17. I'm getting that it failed to call hook flipturret on plugin. Any way to fix this?
  18. Even after the latest update, I still get the call hook error.
    Failed to call hook 'FlipTurret' on plugin 'FlippableTurrets v1.0.5' (NullReferenceException: )
    Nevermind I figured out that you have to place the turret first and then use /flipturret
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  19. Error Code 2591... Error flipping turret... Please report this bug as quick as possible!!!
  20. keeps telling me i have no permission to flip this turret.