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  1. LegoMyAss

    LegoMyAss Wood Hoarder

    We want configurable kegs so we can use them in our servers :)
  2. D-Kay

    D-Kay Plugin Developer

    I was talking about the configurational options. I will publish the kegs later once it's stable but I will only add configurable options if enough people want it.
  3. Jacktheripper 2

    Jacktheripper 2 Scavenger

    Lego mentioned timer was an issue. I mentioned to just explode on placement and bypass damage to players so that it wouldn't kill the player placing it if that was an issue. Temporary fix though. I can't imagine the modifier for the damage count being an issue.
  4. Dr. Tobiee

    Dr. Tobiee Naked Wanderer

    Is this plugin ready to use good sir or ma'am?
  5. LegoMyAss

    LegoMyAss Wood Hoarder

    I would like configurable options :)