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Crafting Controller

Allows you to modify the time spend crafting and which items can be crafted

Total Downloads: 51,536 - First Release: Oct 29, 2014 - Last Update: Apr 19, 2018

5/5, 72 likes
  1. Hi I have a problem I have set the craft controller to /rate 50 results in half-craft only it auto insta craft the item how do I fix this ?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1497223918][/DOUBLEPOST]Hi I found the problem thanks, DeltaRose thanks to your post I notice that the instacraft for admin was turn on
  2. I'm assuming BulkCraft does not work?
  3. Disabled until I got time to finish the update for this plugin.
  4. I want to Crafting items directly without time?
  5. hello boys how to make instacraft for special group? like vips :3
  6. How do I make this available for every person that joins the server?
  7. I am assuming bulkcraft is still disabled while the plugin is being updated? No rush if so, just curious.
  8. hello i have a small rust server with verygames and am have installed the plugin but none of the commands seem to be working any ideas? i type some of the commands listed on the mod page and nothing happens
  9. When im crafting 10 bandages its like 5 sec to i get the 4 others
  10. How does "BlockedItems" work? I added paper, but it's still instantcrafting
  11. hi, can i block all crafting easily?
  12. Bulkcraft it would be nice
  13. How could I turn off all crafting?. So that no Items could be created?
  14. Is crafting controller admins only?
    I can't find any permissions to give it to my players.
  15. I am sure, that you should not give permissions for players. You should just write for example /rate 0, for turn on instacraft, and that's all
  16. Can i block all items craft expect for keylock key?
  17. What function of this option
    "CraftingExperienceRate": 100.0,
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 30, 2017
  18. how do i block all
  19. is anyone having this problem that the craft controller keeps reverting to instant i have it set to /rate 50 and seems to work for a bit then randomly bam everyone is insta-crafting, well with 1 sec times. no setting are getting changed i do have oxide.reload all run command every 4 hours but i've run that command to see if that was a problem and its not
  20. Code:
      "Options": {
        "BlockedItems": [],
        "CompleteCurrentCraftingOnShutdown": false,
        "CraftingExperienceRate": 100.0,
        "CraftingRate": 50.0,
        "IndividualCraftingRates": {},
        "InstantCraftForAdmins": false,
        "InstantCraftForModerators": false
    yet I still instantcraft? I did reload the plugin succesfully several times and restarted the server. I do not have any other plugins interfering
    A little testing later, I had to tweak it up to 5000% before I got somewhat normal crafting times
    A little little testing later, I changed both craftingrateexperiencerate and craftingrate to 50%, now I craft things even more weird. A cupboard takes 60s to craft, it now takes 23 seconds on my server. Hatchet takes 30 seconds, this now takes 13 seconds. My brain is melting.