1. Hey all,

    So with the recent update, my character is back to being a dude... and, as a lady gamer, I liked it better the other way.

    How do I change it?

    I heard it was something about setting a global.developer or something setting...
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    From a little searching:
  3. You're a hero Wulf! I knew I saw that somewhere. Thanks. :)

    (any ideas on my other thread in development for saving/restoring inventory and blueprint items? Since I have you here at least? xD)
  4. I dropped my pickle.
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    Not really what he was talking about. He has a thread where he's trying to fix a plugin. ;)
  6. Ugh...Quicken is a girl and getting hit on by players - not good for an admin :)
    So if I use the ‘global.developer true’ then change dev.gender from 1 to -1 that should make me a guy again right?

    other questions related to Gender:

    1. if I turn on global.developer true will that affect anything else in game?
    2. if I turn global.developer to false or log back in will that change me back to the other sex?
    3. can I apply or offer this to other characters without making them admin? in other words is there a MOD to be made here :)
  7. Don't forget this thread was from August last year.

    As of the latest patch, as far as I am aware, you are unable to change gender and/or offer a change of gender to players as it is tied to the Steam ID. The devblog for that change is here.

    Someone has requested a plugin on the Oxide forum for a gender change mod here, so maybe keep an eye on that request.
  8. The "global.developer true" command wont work! Any ideas?
  9. Reading the post before yours would be a good idea :)
  10. Are they working on a plugin to fix this?
  11. thats not work!
    [DOUBLEPOST=1477081875][/DOUBLEPOST]oh no this no sorry bad message :D
  12. Hello please Wulf help me! How i change gender for me (owner) to male? i am in rust generated to female! Please help me! Thanks! Please write for me the commands for me to change in my server to male.
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    I don't know of any way.
  14. Wulf 'global.developer true' and 'dev.gender' and number 2 or? Please help.