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  1. PiX 3

    PiX 3 Scavenger

    Hey, I just updated server and oxide. When I repaired the vehicle they are bugging and the car is cross

    spawn roach 1
    --- Double Post Merged, May 12, 2017 ---
    Ok managed to fix. Only when I upload Oxide again is not working c4 explodes immediately after pressing 'E' vehicles do not work.. HELP ME ;/
  2. PiX 3

    PiX 3 Scavenger

    Fixed, the problem was the VehicleManager plugin after deleting the configu all came back to normal.
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  3. [NL] D0P-3RT [NL]

    [NL] D0P-3RT [NL] Naked Wanderer

    got same problem. c4 expode direct after pressing E. Removing config of VehicleManager did not work. Anyone can help me?
  4. PiX 3

    PiX 3 Scavenger

    Remove the oxide / config / VehicleManager.json file and restart the server. Finished :)