1. Hi,
    I rented server today and installed 3 plugins there (Oxide,RustIO,RemoverTool) and now I don't know if it is problem with some plugin or server itself. When I try to hit anything I build or my friend builds, (walls, foundations, etc) it is not taking damage but I am taking 10 damage with each hit. Friend who plays there has same problem with his and my buildings. Do you know what is cause of this ?
  2. Sounds like a PvE plugin is loaded?
  3. If your server config is set for server.pve true, then that is the default rust behavior for a PVE server.
    anyone will get a reflected generic damage when hitting structures no matter if you own it or not :)
  4. Ohh, I didn't know that, I'm quite new to Rust xd Thanks
  5. Hi! Look!

    I die instantly when i shoot any walls.

    Don't tell me this is normal.I got this problem 1 day ago.Impossible play like this

    Btw. i get the same damage if PVE false