1. My co-admin ran command "spawn zombie"
    and almost always spawn command only spawns 1 entity,
    but this has caused hundreds to thousands of green square zombies to keep spawning at that spot

    I run:
    del assets/rust.ai/agents/zombie/zombie.prefab
    to delete them, but they keep spawning

    Anyone know how I can stop green test zombies from spawning?

    If I dont delete them every minute, they get up to tens of thousands and lag server to 1 fps

    NOTE: Zombies are different than Halloween Murderers
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  2. UPDATE:

    Found a temp fix, credit to Fuji, I added the below function to a test plugin and ran the del assests command above, and problem was fixed!

    void OnEntitySpawned(BaseNetworkable ent)
                if (ent && ent is Zombie)
                    (ent as BaseEntity).Kill();
  3. Same issue, I tried copy/pasting the code into a new plugin but it did not work.
    EDIT: Console Spamming
    Failed to spawn assets/rust.ai/agents/zombie/zombie.prefab on a valid navmesh.
    EDIT 2: Only fix was a full map wipe.
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  4. What is the Test Plugin ? have the same issue , doing a map wipe is not doable, to many builds already.
  5. TestPlugin.cs

    namespace Oxide.Plugins
        [Info("TestPlugin", "Fujikura", "0.1.0")]
        class TestPlugin : RustPlugin
            void OnEntitySpawned(BaseNetworkable ent)
                if (ent && ent is Zombie)
                    (ent as BaseEntity).Kill();
  6. it works! thanks alot !
  7. Hello, i have the same issue but with horse. I use GUIShop and console command to spawn horses for players and via plugin they can ride it. I use this rust console spawn command now over 10 month and have never see this issue. the first few days was all good but today its spamm my server on the spawn location over 20k horses i del it but it keep spawning so i needed rolleback the server.
    so my question is it a rust issue is the spawn handler broken or something like this? now i stop players spawn horses.

  8. I’m not sure about the class name of the horse entity and I’m on the phone, but you might be able to replace Zombie with Horse in the above hook.

    Although this fix works, the server performance will still be affected.
  9. Messing around with the zombie.prefab to see if we are able to remove the spawn point... Was this changed recently?
  10. Were can I find this plugin Test plugin mentioned above? any and help appericated
  11. it's right there above, just copy and paste it with .cs at the end of the file bud
  12. thank you for your help kinda new at some of this stuff
  13. Legend!

    I spawned a bear to test something which resulted in ~6k bears spawning in every minute..
    TestPlugin fixed the issue for now until we wipe then i guess.

    But what's causing this all of the sudden?
  14. As a Quick Fix w/o the Plugin. do the DEL command removing them all, then watch where they spawn from. Place foundations on their spawn points. It removes them. Owners of server aren't on, after I spawned in what I thought would be 1 zombie, ending up being 12000. Removed them, watched their spawns, and placed Foundations on where they were spawning. No more zombies. :D Also made for a fun game for all the people on the server chasing down spawn points with foundations.
  15. I ran into this issue twice now with zombies.
    The first time I ran into this I had to do a full server wipe to resolve the issue.
    • Zombies spawning at a very high rate 50+ a sec.
    • Takes up all system resources to spawn zombies, lowering fps from 3k to 7.
    • Server Reboot does not fix the concern and zombies continue to spawn
    • zombie.population shows 0 and spawn.report.
    • No zombie plugins installed
    I ended up performing a full wipe (8/8/2018) 2 days into a fresh wipe to fix it LOL.

    Today I ran into the same issue again!!! Something is really wrong here. I used to spawn zombies all the time but now... I get nightmares just thinking about mistyping a spawn command for one.

    This time I rebooted the server quick which stopped the physical zombies from spawning. The entity count is still climbing at an alarming rate. The server right now should be around 80k at the most, the last I checked. The count seems to keep going up with no stopping point.

    zombie. population it shows 0 so there is nothing to kill. Its like I told it to spawn one but since the count in rust didn't happen they keep spawning.

    Besides a full wipe again I have tried
    • TestPlugin.cs
    • Use a backup restoring oxide, server, and userdata.
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  16. Everything worked just fine after I flipped to my backup. I'm setting up a dev box to dive into this more.
  17. restarting the server should fix it, as every animals & resources you spawn gets destroyed on server restart
  18. Nope, this does not work. The spawning happens even after the restart. I did more testing and found this is actually not caused by Oxide or any mods. I created a brand new test server with no mods at all, spawned 1 zombie and bam!

    I sent a tweet about it too ██████████ on Twitter

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  19. did they release an update today ? hopefully it will fix it but idk if they released an update or not
  20. Took me a good while troubleshooting this with modes and without mods. I was able to pinpoint the issue and report it to Facepunch. Facepunch reviewed and moving forward with the fix next build!!!

    This is the issue that has caused the most hiccups since this wipe. Now that this will be fixed, the server will be more stable than ever.

    RustUpdates on Twitter