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  1. XxRADENxX

    XxRADENxX Wood Hoarder

    remove this post its pointless thank you
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2017
  2. sami37

    sami37 Plugin Developer


    Why every first letter of each word to capital ?
    Why we would stop, we are not owner server, it's a public community, in the first time we are generally creating plugins for ourself and publish it here because we are "good".
    "We" don't really care about other server owner and what they are doing with our plugin as its public plugin...
    We are coding/developing plugin because we are happy to do it... So I'll continue as I don't care other "dumb" server owner.
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  3. bountie30

    bountie30 Naked Wanderer

    Plugins fro ROk Comunty is the last chance for this game and the Oxide Guys make Awesome job... with This plugins i can Create RP and Battle Comunty Server. all can play on one Server and Battle Guilds peopel up tp lvl 10 cant kill RP People under lvl 10.. I love ROK Plugins