1. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    You can change the image used in the plugin.
  2. hi,
    it is necessary that the icon is displayed when the murder
  3. this plugin wont work on my server it is installed correctly but when a player is hit no hit marker is shown ?
  4. Did you use /hitmarker?
  5. yes I enabled it and no hitmarker
    [DOUBLEPOST=1535409891][/DOUBLEPOST]i tried everything delete and reinstall and it still does not work it would be nice to get working because i seen it work on other servers
    [DOUBLEPOST=1535409945][/DOUBLEPOST]and yes I did the command it says it is on and still nothing
  6. is there a way to flag this plugin for it being fake and or out of date with no support on how to use or set up no video nothing the commands work yaaaaa but does anything show up when you shoot somebody no and I have done everything ive waited a few days now for a reply on how to use this plugin because it does not work like I said if it doesent work anymore than please remove it so people don't waste there time