1. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    To make a Windows server, simply download the Linux dedicated server build of Blockstorm, extract it, then copy the files listed below to your standalone Blockstorm client install (this will be your server, separate from your client itself) under Blockstorm_Data.
    • mainData
    • resources.assets
    • sharedassets0.assets

    After that, use a script such as the one below to start the server from the location where Blockstorm.exe is:
    @echo off
    echo Starting server...Blockstorm.exe -batchmode -nographics -config blockstorm.cfgecho.
    echo Restarting server...
    timeout /t 10
    goto start
    The -config part is optional, I just added that to have a more standard name for the config file.

    You won't have a console, but you can view the log under Blockstorm_Data/output_log.txt. You'll know when the server is started as you'll see something similar to the below example (I removed some junk output that you don't need to worry about):
    That should be it and your server should be online, enjoy!