1. What I am about to describe, has absolutely nothing to do with Oxide....but just thought someone else may
    have had this issue I am having? Kinda at a lose at this point.

    Any-who.....For the past several weeks I have noticed when I join my own Rust server(Oxide is not installed: Vanilla) and/or launch any other gaming title, the server crashes. It has gotten progressively worse. At this point, the server is only working through local hosting, simply for me to test. Crashes every time, I either play on the server or another game title. Usually takes approx. 10-15 min. to happen, give or take a few minutes.
    I first thought it was the RAM. I have changed the RAM to a different brand, speed, timing, etc...still crashes.

    Is it possible that the DIMM slots for the RAM have gone bad? I even thought maybe I had clinged on long enough to Windows 7.....and actually turned to the dark side and "Upgraded" to Windows 10, thinking
    maybe that would help. Seems not......Incidentally, on three separate occasions, my PC has actually blue screened. Twice on Windows 7, and Once now with Windows 10....which literally just happened. PC reboot
    and I came here....lol. I have Defraged hardrive, CCleanered, changed RAM, downloaded a new OS. Virus scans, malware scans.....even scanned for Wares I wasn't "aware" of.......No Luck.

    Any thoughts?.....Thanks.

    P.S. Been Running a Rust server for 2yrs......This has never been an issue.
  2. Please post PC specs
    also are you running server and client from same pc
  3. i7-3770k, 32gb RAM, gtx 780ti, 2tb hdd/ssd hybrid, 60gb ssd(RustServerRuns),
    raidr express card, 1200w ps, Windows 10 pro.

    And yes. Server & client, on same rig.