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  1. Rust Oxide Plugin Development v0.3
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    I think Oxide needs a full Rust plugin development guide, this is my second attempt at making one,
    theres a lot of good information on Oxide forumns but it is spread about

    Please give feedback, advice, tips, constructive criticism, add sections, etc
    This guide is incomplete but I believe in its current state would still be useful to others

    My previous dump/guide ---> C# plugin development guide and advice dump | Oxide

    My goal is to help n00bs, like me, just get started and get rock and rolling, I want to set everyone up for success.

    Big shout out to Wulf and other developers who took the time to write out smaller guides and helpful posts.
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  2. === Outline ===

    Set up Server
    - Use own computer or rent computer online?
    --- Server Hosts
    --- Remote Desktop Connection
    --- FTP
    - Download/install script
    - Firewall / Ports / Port Forwarding / IP address
    - Start server, Infinite Restart Batch Script
    - Server Basics (saving map, admin/moderators, server commands)
    - RCON
    - Weekly Server Update (Stop Server, Update Rust, Update Oxide, Start Server)

    Set up Oxide
    - Stop server, Download & Extract oxide zip, Start server
    - Check oxide.version
    - Hotloading plugins, Load/Unload/Reload plugin
    - Permissions, Groups

    Set up C# Development
    - IDE
    - Decompiler
    - Version Control
    - DLL References for Rust and Oxide
    - Learn C#
    - Oxide Hooks
    - First Rust Plugin, Chat Command
    - Clone Oxide Repository
    - Work Flow (Think, Write, Compile, Upload to Server, Test, Debug, Repeat)
    - Universal / Covalence
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  3. Any chance you'd consider making this a google doc? I have some suggestions for fixes and it may make it easier to collaborate.
  4. Hey MrPoundsign, that is awesome! If youd like to turn it into a google doc and have a go at it, you have my full support!
  5. Download is down :/
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  7. Made several changes. I hope you approve. Cheers!
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