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Rust Remote vending machine

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Crushed, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Crushed

    Crushed Shack Builder

    I wonder if it would be possible to create something like a remote vending machine? so that you got your VM in your base. and have a place with a lot of vending machines, that are just remotes to their hosts... so that the host still could be raided but the players got a option to better sell their stuff... ?
  2. Vlad-00003

    Vlad-00003 Plugin Developer

    Surly it's possible. But there would be a problems with the code, at leasty I think there would be.
    I didn't quite get your idea, can you make a bit better description of what you want?
  3. ignignokt84

    ignignokt84 Plugin Developer

    I believe he means - you create a vending machine in your base (protected), then set up another vending machine somewhere else and "link" it so that the remote vending machine "points" to the other protected vending machine. Then all transactions on the remote vm would instead process through the protected vm.

    I could probably implement this into VendingManager, but I'd have to do a little bit of digging first to see if it can be "cleanly" done, and I don't know when I'll get around to it.
  4. Crushed

    Crushed Shack Builder

    Well, exactly that was what i ment with that.
    Cause if we just create VMs for people in a protected area, they will use it as a safe storage that cannot get raided, which isnt the point of that .
    If there would be just a link- to that setup VM , his stuff COULD still get raided.
    the idea behind that is simply, making more people using the VMs . I mean Facepunch's tweaks of , " No item drops from destroyed vending machines" or oother stuff may be good or not, but that doesnt drive people to use them more cause it would be a vulnerable spot on their base.

    a Set area where everyone can shop, would helping trading.

    Well if you could implement that, that would be awesome :D
  5. Vlad-00003

    Vlad-00003 Plugin Developer

    Then I won't even bother myself - if you can - do it =3
  6. Crushed

    Crushed Shack Builder

    @ignignokt84 as you mentioned, you think u could implement this in VM Manager....

    got a small idea... i still got a Private plugin in my backups that used to work as an GUI Ebaylike.. "marketplace" ..
    1. you set an item to sell, 2. set an item and amount u want for that 3. ??? 4. Profit!

    here an old plugin video ( only the first one is that "Marketplace")

    now to my actual question with this.

    you think it would work to merge that basic idea with the VMs ? ... so that you dont have to set an item in the market with commands,

    the Auctions there are created by the Vms then...