1. Hello guys, i have rust experimental server and this server open. Server and commands normal working. i want use Rusty or Rcon admin tool but it doesn't work. (Not connected). I research this and bingo ! My rcon.password not found. I try in game F1 consol = rcon.login "password" but unresponsive this command. I don't know why it happened. Can you help me? Thanks.
    @echo off
    echo Starting server...RustDedicated.exe -batchmode -nographics +rcon.ip +server.port 28015 +rcon.port 28016 +rcon.password "01751wwxiv" +server.maxplayers 100 +server.hostname "blabla" +server.identity "my_server_identity" +server.level "Procedural Map" +server.seed 12345 +server.worldsize 4000 +server.saveinterval 300 +server.globalchat true +server.secure false +server.description "Powered by Oxide" +server.url "http://blabla.org"echo.
    echo Restarting server...
    timeout /t 10
    goto start


    i have =>>> rust/myserver/cfg =>>> bans.cfg - users.cfg and serverauto.cfg don't have server.cfg
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    If you are setting +rcon.password via your startup, then it should be working. As for the "Command not found" messages, they can be ignored if they are not causing any issues.
  3. Thanks for your message but i think rcon pw does not work because never connect to rusty, admin rcon tool. Always not connected... and i cant change rcon.password in game F1 console (unresponsive). but other commands working. Just i want connect rusty, admin rcoon tool. What should i do?

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  4. Wulf

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    None of those are actual commands in Rust. The rcon.login command has never existed in the current version of Rust. The rcon.password is a setting for startup, not a command. Perhaps try another RCON client such as RustAdmin or the web-based RCON tool from Facepunch?
  5. i tried but not connected. My server is open, players coming. Can i create new rcon.password on my server ?
  6. Wulf

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    +rcon.password xxx like you have already in your startup script. If your server is hosted locally, make sure you are forwarding the +rcon.port on your router for TCP.
  7. Yes this server is my company computer. Very thanks, im sorry this last question :p How can I be sure? forwarding rcon.port my router for TCP? i know my rcon port 28016
  8. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Be sure that you forwarded it? If you went into your router's control panel to verify, then testing connection.
  9. For rcon.io to work you need '+rcon.web 1' to tell the server to use websockets. And if web rcon is enabled other applications like Rusty wont work.
  10. Helping a friend who is setting up a server. Just done a fresh install of a vanilla server, No luck installing plugins using Rcon, oxide seems to be installed but no response.

    What's up with +Rcon.web1? Where does that go? Thanks
  11. It goes in the bat file that runs the server. Add '+rcon.web 1' in the long line that says 'RustDedicated.exe -batchmode etc... ' This makes the server rcon use web sockets.

    But like I said earlier this is to get rcon.io working only. I doubt plugins that use rcon use web technology
  12. I am having an issue with RCON as well if anyone is able to help.

    I have always been able to run RCON using Rusty Tool on my Iphone with no problems.

    Recently set up a dedicated server of my own. When I put the server info into Rusty all was fine. But I noticed when I leave my house, the server shows disconnected.

    It appears to only work on my phone when I am home.